True Blood
Season 6, Episode 9
Episode Title: Life Matters 

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

sookie-true-blood-life-mattersTonight’s episode starts out with Sookie tending to Warlow after Eric’s attack on him.  He’s near death and Bill wants to take him as is to save the others, but Sookie refuses to allow it.  She bites her own wrist and feeds Warlow.  Bill grabs Warlow and tries to take him, but he doesn’t know how to get out of the fairy dimension.  Warlow tells Sookie to use her light, which she doesn’t think will work.  She shoots Bill with a blast of light and sends him back to the human plane.  After Warlow is doing better he asks her if she is still willing to be his and she tells him that she made a promise and she keeps her promises.

Eric approaches the vampire camp in broad daylight and kills the guards outside and any that get in his way as he goes through freeing the vampires, instructing them to kill the humans.  He finds and heals Jason and then has him take him to the white circular room.  When they find it all the vampires are feeding off of Bill, as the ceiling is being opened up by Sarah.  Eric refuses to let Steve to drink from Bill.  Steve’s last words are a declaration of his love to Jason as he looks up at Sarah, who screams as he dies in front of her eyes.

All the residents of Bon Temps gather for Terry’s funeral.  And, we are shown several flashbacks of Terry’s life as each resident shares memories they have with Terry.

eric-true-blood-life-mattersBack to vamp camp, all the vampires come outside in the sun, high of the fairy blood in Bill.  They start destroying the pallets of the tainted True Blood.  Jessica realizes that Bill isn’t present and Jessica and James go back for him.  He sees Lilith’s women that have come to take him from Earth.  Jessica breaks through his vision of them and James feeds Bill, who later follows the duo out of the camp again.

Pam finds Eric and is upset telling him he better not leave her and then he takes to the sky.

Jason chases Sarah down with the intent of killing her and gets a hold of her gun, but can’t do it.  He tells her to leave before he changes his mind.

I thought this was a good episode, but with so many of the loose ends tied up, it makes me wonder what is left to happen next week during the season finale.