3 Star rating
Lies & Omens
Shadows Inquiries, Book #4
By Lyn Benedict
ISBN# 9781937007508

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lies-and-omens-shadows-inquiries-lyn-benedictSylvie has caused a lot of damage in her time as a supernatural P.I. and she’s seen some really strange things, such as her lover dying and coming back to take over another man’s body!  She has created the new God that’s going around wrecking havoc on Miami, Erinya.  Sylvie is the new Lilith and is still trying to figure out exactly what that means.  She is told that she can kill the unkillable, and Dunne wants her to do just that to solve the new God problem.  Not to mention one of the girls she saved in the last book, Lupe, appears to have taken on a nasty curse that causes her to shapeshift into one dangerous beast after another, each leaving a piece of itself with her after she’s back to her human form.  Silvie is on a mission to find a witch that can cure Lupe, but most of them have left Miami in fear of their power being burned out by Erinya.

And, just when Silvie thinks she has enough problems to deal with, the ISI’s offices start getting attacked by various magical creatures, including the Chicago office where her honey, Demalion, works!  Sylvie can’t get a hold of Demalion and doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive!  But one thing she knows is that the magical world does not work together and rarely do the creatures that inhabit it have the same goals.  Which can only mean one thing; someone is controlling them.  But who and more importantly how?  Silvie decides not to get involved until she’s forced to when her baby sister is kidnapped to guarantee Silvie’s cooperation!

This series has had its ups and downs for me.  I have found myself pretty bored through several of the installments.  But thankfully this book was able to maintain my interest!  There was a lot going on and Benedict managed to keep me alert throughout.  It’s not one that left me amazed, but it was decent nevertheless.

I was happy to see more interactions between Silvie and both her lover, Demalion, who I’ve really grown to love over the course of the series, and her bratty baby sister, Zoe.  It’s interesting to see just how much these relationships have changed over time and I’m curious to see how they will evolve in the future.

I also found some of the creatures that were introduced in this book to be interesting, my favorite being Encantado!  He was mysterious and intriguing.

This book wasn’t one that left me on the edge of my seat, but it had some positive points and I’m hoping to see the future installments build on this and to get more entertaining as they go.