Let’s Boot and Rally

Season 5, Episode 5

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Sookie and Alcide get all hot and heavy and move it up into her bedroom.  They’re stripping each other’s clothes off and we FINALLY see Joe Manganiello without his shirt, about damn time!!  Right as they are getting ready to have sex, a still drunk Sookie pukes on Alcide’s shoes at the same time that Eric and Bill walk in.

Alcide and Sookie get dressed and move down to the kitchen to talk to Bill and Eric.  Sookie starts laughing at them imagining them all barking at each other while they are arguing.

They all leave to go hunt for Russell.  Bill gets  a call telling him that Eric and Bill have until Dawn to find Russell or their istakes will go off.  They go and talk to the man that was working the garage the night that Russell escaped.  He doesn’t remember anything, but Sookie is able to see in his mind and find the place that Russell was taken to.  She also sees that it was a woman that freed him, one wearing a necklace that members of the authority wear.  Bill thinks it was Nora, but Eric insists it’s not her.

They find Russell and he tries to get Sookie to come to him, but she refuses.  Eric tells him that they have come to finish what they started.  Russell tells him to take his best shot and then Alcide uncontrollably changes to his wolf form.

Pam makes Tara work the bar at Fangtasia and she starts to feed on a willing Patron, but Pam stops her threatening to silver her if she ever feeds in public again.  Jessica walks in as this is happening and later comes up to the bar and starts talking to Tara.  She tells her that they can be friends.

When Tara is outside smoking Hoyt comes by and wants her to feed from him.  She eventually takes him up on the offer.  Jessica is feeding in the bathroom and hears Hoyt telling Tara to stop and the two vamps get into a fight over him.

Jason has a dream of him back when his parents were still alive and sees their necks bleeding from vampire bites.  He and Andy both wake up in their respective houses completely naked.  They are called in when Sam reports the murders of his friends.  They find out that the bullets are wooden with a silver core and could also kill vampires.

Sam goes to check on Luna and warn her.  He hears a noise and Luna tells him it’s Emma and asks him to leave.  He gets shot buy a truck full of masked men as he leaves.  Luna runs out and also gets shot.  Then, Emma comes out and shifts into a wolf before they can shoot her.

Eller takes Patrick and Terry captive and tells them about seeing a fire monster.  Terry has flashbacks and remembers one of the victims of their mass killing cursing them and all their loved ones and knows that Eller isn’t crazy after all.  He tells Eller that he saw the monster as well and that they need to leave as it’s been waiting to get them all together.  Eller frees them and Patrick knocks him out, but Terry refuses to help him tie Eller up.  The monster comes to Eller after they leave and he can’t escape as he’s tied to his chair.

I thought this was a much more entertaining week than the last three have been-thank goodness!!  It should keep getting more interesting now that Russell is back!!  I’m also curious to see how this group of supernatural killers is going to play out.  It doesn’t look too good for Luna, but I’m pretty sure Sam will probably survive.  But where will Emma end up?  With Sam?  The Pack?  Or maybe the two will have a huge fight over who keeps her?   I guess we have to stay tuned to find out!!