Lethal Nights

Brute Force, Book #3

By Lora Leigh

ISBN#  9781250110367

Author’s Website:  https://loraleigh.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Emma Jane Preston didn’t know the man she married as well as she thought she did.  By the time she realized his true character, it was too late.  She tried to make her marriage work, but Matt’s cheating and abuse became too much for her to handle.  She filed for divorce, but she knew she was going to lose her house in the process.  That is until the Dragon-Heir, Ilya Dragonovich, showed up with a deal she couldn’t refuse.  Sign her house up as a safe-house for them to use when needed, and they’d make sure she kept her house.

Ilya knew from the moment he met Emma Jane who she was, his mate.  He also knew he could never publicly claim her or let anyone know how much she means to him.  The woman (for lack of a better word) that birthed him would kill her like she killed the last woman he showed interest in.  So, he could only watch Emma Jane from a distance.  Until he got the call that froze his blood in his veins, someone tried to kill Emma Jane.   Now Ilya will stop at nothing to protect his woman, even if that means doing the one thing he thought he never would and take his place as Dragon.  It may mean surrendering his very soul, but she’s worth it to him.

Lora Leigh has a gift of weaving a story full of suspense, heat, and a little romance that makes you want to never stop reading!  This was one of those books.  I adored Ilya (and his flirty tattoo).  He had such a horrific childhood that made him into the man he is today, a man that can face anything or anyone.  I love how protective he was of Emma Jane, but how tender he was with her at the same time.  I have to say, he’s much more reasonable than a lot of Leigh’s leading men!

Emma Jane is about what you would expect.  She wasn’t a total wimp, she could stand toe-to-toe with the men in her life, and even face down a snarly fire-breathing dragon.  However, she is definitely the damsel-in-distress that needs the protection of Ilya and his entire Dragon clan.

I devoured this book!  It’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed a story so much and I desperately needed it!  I didn’t want to put this novel down, and actually wished it was a little longer.  There was one thing I was expecting to happen that didn’t and I desperately hope it happens in the next book.   Although I know, Ilya and Emma Jane won’t be the leading characters of that story, so we probably won’t get as detailed with it as I would like.

I loved this new wrinkle in the series with the whole Dragonovich family and their legacy.  They are dark and dangerous and I love them!  I hope we get to see more books from this sinister family, and I think Ilya’s half-brother definitely needs his own book soon!

My only complaint with this book is it needs a massive proofread, but I was reading a corrected proof so that very well may be fixed by the final copy.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*