Learn Yoga

Single Wide Female: The Bucket List, Book #8

By Lillianna Blake


Author’s Website: lilliannablake(.)com

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What’s the point of a bucket list if it doesn’t involve a real challenge? And let me tell you wrapping my legs around my head is a real challenge indeed. 

Oh, the pain – the torture. And everyone else in the yoga class is sitting there looking so composed, so – mindful. The tranquility wrecked by the regular squawks as I tweak another muscle or collapse in a heap. 

Then there’s that hot guy that talks about Tantric something or other. I came here to clear my mind and now I’m obsessed, obsessed I’m telling you. I fear this is not going to end well. (Goodreads)


Another fun read by Lillianna Blake. The first seven books in the Single Wide Female: The Bucket List series have been fun reads, imparting some truths and lots of chuckles and this 8th book, Learn Yoga, is no different.

The tale begins with Sam thinking about her best friend Max and how he is always on her mind. She SO wants to date him, but does not want to risk their friendship.

The problem with having a crush on your best friend that you’ve known for over ten years is that you can’t erase him from your life. Max was a big part of just about every good and bad memory that I had of the past decade, so everything I said and did reminded me of him

So what does a girl do to stop this obsessive thinking about the one she can’t have? Why take up yoga of course! 

I loved Sam’s self reflection and thoughts:

I’d been trying to lose weight, but the weight loss wasn’t as important to me as a change of perspective was. I’d become determined to love my body and find my beauty regardless of size and shape.” 

As I have written many times before, I find these stories filled with humour and valuable life lessons (if nothing else – don’t take life so seriously).

Another chuckle was had when reading about Sam’s walk to work:

“In the city where I live there’s an unspoken rule. If you can walk to a place, you should.


The only problem was that my walk to work took me past a coffee shop.

Of course it’s not healthy not to eat a balanced means, so I’d then have to stop in the bakery to pick up a fresh muffin or bagel. Basically, my walk to work is more like an obstacle course of temptation.”

Yoga class provided MANY chuckles for this reader, as these stories always do. The yoga pants Sam bought…I am not saying too much more but the act of putting them – hilarious! And the walk home after class will have the reader chuckling loudly ☺

Another enjoyable installment of the Single Wide Female: The Bucket List series by Lillianna Blake.