Title: Learn to Cook

Series: Single Wide Female: The Bucket List

By:  Lillianna Blake


Author’s Website:  http://lilliannablake.com/

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Oh, it’s such a cliche – Italian chef seduces a pupil at his top class cooking school, reducing her to a quivering jelly and releasing her inner sexual goddess. 

Just show me how to boil spaghetti, why don’t ya? You would think that by the age of thirty-two I’d be able to even do just that in the kitchen, but to my eternal shame, the only thing I can do is open takeaway cartons. 

So, I signed up for a cooking class, and there was this Italian guy, and he was talking about quivering and goddesses and things like that…

I wonder how you boil spaghetti? (Goodreads)


Learn to Cook by Lillianna Blake is the third of a 24 book series. I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying this series of short read’s – really outside of the box for me (the short reads, not book series itself). 

In this installment, Samantha’s next item on her bucket list is to learn to cook. After all – didn’t her mom say:

Well, when all else fails, remember, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Before setting off to a class, Sam is thinking about her kitchen, which I find her musings rather interesting:

I walked over to the kitchen. My kitchen. It was spotless-for just one reason. I only ever cooked with the microwave and the toaster. My oven was pristine…. When it came to actually turning on the stove or oven, I preferred to pick up my purse and walk out the door.”

I absolutely love the banter between Sam and Max (why can’t they just get together already???) – the following is an excerpt when discussing Sam’s attempt at cooking after the classes she is about to embark upon:

I’ll be happy to be your guinea pig.”

“Great.” I smiled. “I will keep that in mind when I burn my first official meal.”

“Okay, maybe you could practice a little first.” He laughed.

“Not so brave now, are you?” I winked at him. 

Samantha chooses an Italian cooking class. Needless to say, there is certainly fun and frivolity as well as a bit of mayhem in the kitchen….and maybe another room as well?

What I love about this series so far is that Sam is stretching herself through her bucket list. She is inspiring me to make up my own bucket list and start attacking those items which I have longed to do.  Life is definitely too short not to get the most out of it!

Some surprises with this story. We see for the first time, Sam getting “friendly” with a man who is not Max!  Wonder where that will go? As well, the suggestive word play was very chuckle worthy throughout the cooking lesson. LOVED it. Kept me in stitches.

I am waiting for the next opportunity to pick up where I left off – with book #4 – Create a Masterpiece.