Learn Pole Dancing

Single Wide Female: The Bucket List #1

By Lillianna Blake

Author’s Website:  lilliannablake.com

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Samantha Bradford is on a quest to take back her life and release her inner sex goddess.

At thirty-two, with a body that’s seventy pounds lighter (and counting), she’s determined to start tackling her “bucket list” items one by one, starting with a crazy pole dancing class she’s signed up for.


Learn Pole Dancing by Lillianna Blake is the first of a 24 book series and the first read by this author that I have picked up.  I was looking for an easy Sunday afternoon read that would consume a short amount of time, but take me into the world of the story. On this account, I was not disappointed. What surprised me was how well I related to the main protagonist. While I may not have not lost 70 pounds, many of her struggles are those that are common: weight issues, self esteem issues, taking initiative for our own lives. So as I approached this book as a short, get away read, I was pleasantly surprised by its depth (especially given the length of the book).  So much so, I have the whole 24 book anthology now and will continue reading.

Samantha is a 32-year-old, single woman who has recently lost 70 pounds – now weighing in at 180 pounds. A great accomplishment!  Before the weight loss journey began, Samantha wrote up a “bucket list” of things to accomplish. First on the list was pole dancing. Now that those pounds are shed, Samantha wants to start attacking this list.

The reader is lead through Samantha’s struggles to get herself to the class and then home again. I must say (without giving anything away) that what ensues is definitely interesting and kept my attention :).

At the very bottom of the list is “Be with Max”. Now Max is Samantha’s best friend. They began working at the Fluff and Stuff back in their college days. Naturally, Samantha has a crush on her best friend. Does he know? I found it hard to say but I imagine as I make way through all of t he books in the series, this question may be answered.

I love the name of the laundromat Samantha (as the manager) works in – the Fluff and Stuff. Cute name! Samantha has worked hard over the years to add some other offerings at the Fluff and Stuff. Besides having your laundry done, you can also shop for those “one of a kind” finds.

Working the way through the book, I could relate with Samantha’s struggles and how she coped. I imagine readers many can relate. This story tackles numerous topics in a dignified manner (example: coming to terms with a “new” body after weight loss) along with a dash on humour.

I look forward to reading more in this series.