5 star rating
Last Chance Family
Last Chance, Book #8
By Hope Ramsay
ISBN# 9781455556434
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Last-Chance-FamilyWhen I started reading Last Chance Family, I was pretty sure how it was going to end.  And I was right, and that was alright.  The journey I took while reading the book was well worth the trip.  Sometimes when you read a book it just clicks with you and you cannot read enough about the characters.  This was one of those books for me.

Mike Taggart is a professional gambler who lives in Las Vegas.  He is used to being on his own and having no attachments to anyone.  But that suddenly changes when he finds himself the legal guardian of his five year old niece, Rainbow.  Her mother, his sister was killed right in front of Rainbow and she has not spoken since the murder.  Mike takes Rainbow to the small town of Last Chance, where his long-lost brother, Tim, lives.  He has not seen his brother since their father took his brother away when they were both very young.  His brother is now a minister and Mike feels that Tim will be a much better guardian than he himself could ever be.  Now he just has to convince his brother.

Charlene Polk is vet in Last Chance that has her own baggage from her youth.  When Charlene was younger, she was forced by her parents to have an abortion for her unplanned baby.  She has never forgiven herself or her parents for that decision.  She has a long history of picking losers when it comes to the men in her life.  When Mike and Rainbow bring in Rainbow’s cat, Tigger, the Demon Cat, to see her because of a cough, she thinks she has met another selfish loser of a man.  But she falls hard for Rainbow and decides to make sure that Mike does what is right for his niece.

One of the things I liked the most about this book was the characters.  The three main characters are very well developed, well rounded and three dimensional.  You could not help but fall in love with them and want to see good things happen for them.  There are many other characters in the book that were very important to the story and the outcome.  A lot of the other characters have their own problems to deal with and I enjoyed having side-stories to get involved in.  And all of them are very well developed also.  The small town setting and quirkiness is present throughout the entire story.  The gossiping, the caring neighbors and the unwanted advice is displayed very well.  There is even a matchmaker in residence.  I have never lived in a  town as small as Last Chance, but I imagine it would be both wonderful and frustrating.  Wonderful because many of your neighbors would be like family and the town watches out for each other.  Frustrating because everyone would know your business and not hesitate to give you advice, even if it is not wanted.

Another thing that I enjoyed about this book was how it combined family, forgiveness, humor and second chances.  These are all blended together perfectly.  It is a book about family ties and hope and letting go of the past and moving forward.  Everyday life lessons that everyone can be reminded of every so often, and the lessons were delivered in an entertaining way.

The writing style flows smoothly and this book is a quick easy read.  The author does a great job with descriptions and characterization and pulls the reader right into the story, the setting and the action.  She also does a great job in allowing the reader to get emotionally attached to the characters.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a heartfelt romance.  It is a clean read and I think any age could read this book.  There is romance but it is g-rated, but you still understand the feelings and emotions the characters are experiencing.  This is a very heartwarming story that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I will definitely read more books by Hope Ramsay.

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