L.J. Smith, author of Vampire Diaries responds to a question from the fans:

“When you’re writing a book and making up characters, do you feel like you become that character, as well as that character becomes a part of you?”


Oh, absolutely! I hope they don’t take me away in a straitjacket for answering this, but when I have a particularly dramatic scene and I’m really into the book, I act it out, playing all the various parts. (I only do this when there’s nobody else in the house.) That’s how I get some of my best lines from both heroines and villains. At the time of creating the scene I am the heroine or villain. And the books I consider my better books come to me as if I were listening to them, not writing them.

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I love it when authors respond to questions from fans. And I have wondered the same thing….do authors put a little of themselves in a character? or family and friends?

Do you wonder about characters in books? What do you think of LJ Smith’s answer?