4 star

Kropsy’s Curse  

By:  Kelli A. Wilkins

ASIN: B014IAH848

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Synopsis:Kropsy's Curse

Late one Halloween night, two young boys venture into a secluded graveyard in the hopes of conjuring up a spirit. Although Kyle is skeptical and would rather be home eating candy and watching horror movies, he reluctantly goes along with Jerry’s plan. He doesn’t believe Ouija boards work—until this one starts spelling out a message…

This Halloween-themed 1500-word short story is a cautionary tale about playing with a Ouija board in a graveyard.



This was a fast paced, short story about two boys going to a graveyard and using a Ouija board to communicate with the dead.  Jerry has a plan….to communicate with Old Man Kropsy on Halloween.  All the other boys chickened out except Kyle (who is two years younger than 13 year old Jerry).  So off they go to the graveyard.

I found the writing compelling and as such – I was drawn into the story and even felt a bit creeped out.  I felt like I was with the boys in the graveyard.  Holding my breath…wondering what would come next (I shall keep that to myself and for you to read about) now that the board had spelled out a message.

It looks like he tried to pull his tombstone into the grave.” Spooky 🙂  One of the best sentences of the story; I really felt the emotion behind Kyle’s thoughts.

This little teaser with respect to the writing of Ms. Wilkins will undoubtedly prompt me to read more by her.  I guess not surprising since she penned “You Can Write—Really! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction”.  Also a fun/spooky story to start preparing for the upcoming “spooky Halloween season”  🙂


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