Chapters 16-22

Brought to you by OBS staff member Dawn

As Stevie Rae and Zoey part ways, Zoey promises she won’t become like “them.” As Zoey goes to open the door, Erik opens it.

Aphrodite has clothes for Zoe for the Dark Daughters ritual, but Zoe can’t take her eyes off Erik.

Once Zoey is changed Aphrodite’s gets bitchy about Zoey being Neferet’s favorite. As the ritual begins, Zoey realizes they’re filling the room with the smoke from weed. During the ritual, Zoey’s mark begins to burn and she can hear the sea, smell the grass. Aphrodite hands her the goblet and Zoey drinks from it. Off to the side Zoey sees Elliott and realizes they just drank some of his blood.

Zoey is disgusted, she leaves and promptly pukes.

Zoey sees an orange kitty in the tree and tries to get it to come down. Zoey claims Nala as her own.

Zoey sees a girl on the path. She recognizes the girl as Elizabeth who recently died. Nala, of course, freaks out. A minute later, Kayla and Heath show up. Kalya and Heath have been drinking and smoking pot. After a short time, Zoey gets annoyed with them and asks them to leave.


Why do you think Aphrodite smiled that way and raised the goblet at Zoey?

Do you think Zoey is losing any commonality to her old friends?

What did you think about Zoey drinking Heath’s blood?

Why did Erik come after Zoey? What do you think of him seeing/hearing everything that went on?

What do you think is going on with Elizabeth?

What’s up with Zoey feeling all the elements?

What the hell is Aphrodite up to? and don’t you just wanna slap that smug smile off her face?

Is Neferet what she seems?

What did you think of Zoey standing up to Aphrodite?

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