Kiss of the Night

Dark-Hunter, Book #4

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN#  9781250036773

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kiss-of-night-sherrilyn-kenyonThe Apollites are a cursed race.  After the God Apollo’s mistress was torn to pieces at the Queen’s command, Apollo cursed all of his people.  From then on they have had to live in darkness and have been sentenced to die painfully on their 27th birthday (the same age Apollo’s mistress was when she died)  as their bodies decay.  The only way to prevent this horrific death is either to take your own life before your birthday or to turn Daimon, and live by stealing human souls.

The curse is something that haunts Cassandra every day.  She is half Apollite and her 27th birthday is just months away.  She has watched other family members perish and she knows her time is quickly approaching.  This is why she never gets too close to anyone.  She doesn’t want anyone to mourn her as she has seen her father mourn her mother and older sisters.  But she may not even make it to her birthday.  She is the last descendant of Apollo, the heiress, and it’s believed that if the Daimons kill her, their curse will be lifted.  But if Apollo’s line ends, so will the sun and moon, the entire world.  And, they have just found Cassandra once again and will do anything they can to snuff out her life.

Wulf has lived a cursed existence of his own.  He was tricked out of his very soul and has been forced into immortality as a Dark-hunter.  But worse, only those people that are of his blood can actually remember him after leaving his presence.  It makes it hard to forge friendships, let alone romantic relationships.

His squire, Chris, is his last surviving member of his bloodline, the last person to remember him.  So, you can imagine how anxious Wulf is for Chris to procreate, and he constantly reminds him, which is usually pretty funny!

But when the Diamon’s start coming after Cassandra, Wulf is assigned to protect her, even if her race is his sworn enemy.

I enjoyed this book.  I really liked Wulf and I especially loved the banter between him and Chris.  I felt bad for wulf and how he constantly had to be reintroduced to Chris’s mom because she could never remember meeting him, and how his own staff couldn’t even remember him!

The story was engaging and never boring!  I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Wulf and Cassandra and everything that happened as a result of the pairing.  It was nice to see Wulf start to see his enemies in another light

And we’re left with poor Acheron at the mercy of Artemis once again, although it did appear he had the upper hand this time around.