4 star rating
Kiss of Fire
Dragonfire, Book #1
By Deborah Cooke
ISBN# 9780451223272
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kiss-of-fire-deborah-cookeQuinn Tyrrell, presumed dead, has been living by himself for centuries, not trusting those of his own kind.  But as he feels the onslaught of his firestorm, he knows it’s time to find his mate and claim her as destiny and his body demands.

Sara Keegan has given up her city life after the tragic death of her parents.  She has relocated to Ann Arbor to take over the running of her deceased aunt’s new age bookstore.  But when she is attacked leaving the store one night, her life is forever changed by her savior.

I have read several books featuring dragon shapeshifters, some good, and some … not.  I’m happy to inform you that this was a pretty good one.  It’s a fast easy read that kept my interest and I was able to finish in about a day.

The setup of the series and the explanation of good vs evil, in this case the pyr vs slayers, was given in an easy to digest way and wasn’t weighted down with a drawn out and boring history, as I’ve seen in other books.  You are given just enough to understand what’s going on, with more information being given slowly throughout the novel.

I actually really enjoyed Quinn in this book.  I’m happy to see that he didn’t rush into things with Sara and gave her time to accept him, even with him knowing she’s his destined mate.  He protected her, but didn’t force himself into her life, always being cautious of her feelings and not to spook her.  It’s nice to see since there are so many books of bossy men asserting their will in this genre.  I found him to be unique and I really enjoyed him and his easy demeanor.

I also liked Sara, even if some of her actions were kind of dumb, like leaving the store without alerting Quinn as he requested, once she has started trusting him and after being attacked.  But I guess some actions are imperative to make the story interesting.  Her love for Quinn was a sweet one and I enjoyed watching the relationship progress.  I just hope we get to see glimpses of them in future installments of the series.

Quinn’s distrust of his own race was addressed in this book, and seeing it unfold shows just how far his enemy will go to ruin him and his family line.  A perfect example of revenge best served cold.  But overall I was happy with the outcome.

I also found myself really enjoying some of the other pyr and I’m anxious to read Donovan’s book, which based on the end of this novel, I can only assume is next.  I think he is by far one of my favorites, so I’ll be glad to see him get his own firestorm, but I hope Rafferty’s isn’t far behind!