Our vote for breakout beefcake is Kiowa Gordon, the Hollywood newcomer who portrays Embry Call in the upcoming films. Smart, friendly and a big fan of Stephenie Meyer’s work, he’s the guy who spilled the beans on the “muffin scene.” Now, Gordon returns with more delicious “New Moon” details about his native heritage, tattooing the fans and how you can tell the wolves apart.

MTV: Now that filming is done, how do you think “New Moon” is going to turn out, particularly your scenes?

Gordon: Well, our scenes were the most fun, I think, out of the whole movie, probably. I’m looking forward to seeing it in completion, because it looks great from what I’ve seen — all the photos, everything looks awesome.

MTV: The “Twilight” series has done a good job so far of hiring actual Native American actors to play the Quileute tribe. Can you tell us about your background?

Gordon: I am Hualapai. We are located in Northern Arizona, at the Grand Canyon. We own the Skywalk area. When I was growing up, my mom tried teaching us [the language], all my seven siblings and I. But we just laughed at her, because it sounded funny to us. Now, I’m kind of sad that I couldn’t learn it, because it’s a dying language. So, hopefully, I’ll get to learn it sometime soon.

MTV: The movie hasn’t even come out yet! Does that put extra pressure on you to make sure your performance doesn’t suck?

Gordon: Yeah, then they’re gonna [want to remove the tattoos]. Maybe she’d cut it off. [Laughs.]

MTV: We’ve seen Taylor as a wolf in the “New Moon” trailer, but what are the rest of you guys going to look like?

Gordon: Well, we all look like brothers, so [we’ll look similar], but we all have our own colors, so you can [tell which is which]. It’s distinctive.

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It’s cool that we will be able to tell the wolves apart by their colors. What do you think of what Kiowa had to say?