Kindred in Death
In Death, Book #29
By J.D. Robb
ISBN#  9780399155956
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Newly promoted police Captain Jonah MacMasters and his wife come home from a trip celebrating his promotion only to be devastated.  They find their only child, sixteen-year-old, Deena, has been raped, sodomized, and murdered in their home.  Upon further investigation Eve Dallas and her team discover that the murder was perpetrated as a form of revenge on the girl’s father.  Now it’s up to them to discover which case of the captains 20+ years on the force, caused this kind of payback.

The pieces are starting to fall in place when another girl is murdered by the same person.  This girl is another relative of someone involved in that case years ago.  Eve and her fellow officers must decipher who the next victim is and to find a way to stop it.

This was an interesting story.  One that shows just how deluded a serial killer really can be.  And, also how much influence a parent really has on their child.  The killer in this installment was really warped by the father that he thought could do no wrong causing him to strike out at the innocent in a cruel way to get back to the ones he thought had done his family wrong.

Oh and did I mention the first murder took place on ‘Peace Day’?  A fictional holiday that being from the St. Louis metro area reminds me of our Mardi Gras celebration in Soulard, at least the way the parade and throngs of people gathered and partying were described!  The fact that I was reading this book over Mardi Gras weekend didn’t hurt me coming to that comparison in the slightest.

Eve and Roarke were as good as always in this book, but their relationship was not the main focus of this book.  In fact, this case came about right about the time for Louise and Charles’s wedding and we gladly let them take the spotlight in this one.  But even their relationship and wedding took a back seat as the case really did dominate this book.

Also, I was really happy to see Jamie again:)  I wasn’t sure about him when he was first introduced, but I’ve really started to like him!

I greatly enjoyed this book.  The case was pretty wicked, but intriguing all at once and it definitely kept my interest throughout!  I’m interested to see what Eve will face next!