Title: Killers of a Feather

Series: Urban Tails Pet Shop Mysteries

By:  T.C. LoTempio

ISBN: 9781958384015 (ISBN10: 1958384011)

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Shell McMillan and her feline friends must unravel a mystery where everyone’s a suspect and no one’s to blame . . .

With the grand re-opening of her Urban Tails Pet Shop just days away, Shell McMillan has her hands full planning entertainment for the festive event, including a fortune-telling parrot. But her jubilant mood is soon threatened by ominous rumors of the return of Johnny Draco, a former investment guru who swindled money from most of the residents of Fox Hollow and then vanished without a trace. And when the parrot predicts a dire future for Draco and his dead body is found just hours later, no one can say they’re surprised—but no one will say who did it.

With virtually everyone in town a suspect, the police turn their focus on a good friend of Shell’s who was seen arguing with the victim shortly before his death. Determined to clear her friend’s name, Shell begins investigating Draco’s past, his former employer, and everyone who lost money to him. And when the trail of clues suggests there may have been a completely different motive for the murder, Shell suddenly realizes she’s uncovered a secret someone would kill to keep hidden—and that if she’s not careful, the parrot may be predicting she has no future at all . . . (Goodreads)


The second book in the Urban Tails Pet Shop Mysteries, Killers of a Feather by T.C. LoTempio most definitely caught my attention and held it throughout the story. Moreso than even the first book in the series! I do love it when a series gets more interesting as each new book is introduced.

One of the virtues of this book is that right in the beginning (chapter 1) there is a detailed and not too long of a summary of who Shell is and how her life in Fox Hollow came about. So one can start this series at book two and not feel like you are missing too much regarding the important characters in the book.

Chrishell “Shell” McMillan and Gary Presser, her former tv co-star and now current housemate, are yet again embroiled in amateur sleuthing to find the killer of one Johnny Ira Draco. Draco was a previous resident of Fox Hollow as well as an investment business person. He got a number of locals involved in an investment, though risky, which would bring them great wealth….or in this case…NOT. So unfortunately, Johnny came back to town and was meeting up with each of the individuals who lost money – trying to explain and let them know he had hopes of rectifying the wrong that had been done. Before restitution could be made – Johnny turns up dead! With the number of potential murderers large (SO many townsfolks) Shell must put her amateur sleuthing skills to work… and fast, before one of her besties is charged with the murder! What makes Shell a superhero is that she does all this sleuthing AND puts on a grand re-opening of the pet shop she inherited from Aunt Tilly! What a party (except for the murder that happened while the party was going on).

The cast of characters are very engaging. I like the core group – Shell, Gary, Rita (owner of the local coffee shop), Ron (local florist) and Olivia …. And let us not forget the feline’s of the group – Purrday and Kahlua (though she seems to be playing more of a supporting role this book). In this story we get up close and personal with Shell’s mom – Clarissa McMillan (classically trained actress). Now she is one interesting character. 

The list of potential suspects was extensive and with additional sleuthing, Shell added even more names to the list. The approach that Shell and Gary took was relatively methodical and with each potential suspect cleared (at least in their minds, if not the local constabularies) one wondered if Rita could be cleared of the title of most likely suspect!  Alas, never fear… with some surprising twists and turns… well – you get the picture. 

I would like to say “wonderful job” to whomever created the cover art…so eye catching and fun 😊

If you are a fan of mysteries involving animals of various types, a small town and besties being the sleuthing pair – then Killers of a Feather written by T.C. LoTempio is worth picking up and spending a wee bit of time curled up reading this delightful cozy mystery.  And I sure hope there are going to be more stories to this series as I can’t wait to see how Shell’s life unfolds further and how many other mysteries  Purrday and Kahlua can help solve 😊