Title: Killer Heat

Series: Anna Sweet Mytery

By:  Brenda Chapman


Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra                   


Ottawa is in the middle of a summer heat wave—and PI Anna Sweet takes on her hottest case yet. Brent Rose secretly dated three women at the same time. One of them wants to make him pay for his cheating ways. Will Anna stop Brent’s tormenter in time? Or will he meet his end in the killer heat?


Killer Heat is the 7th book in the Anna Sweet Mystery series by Brenda Chapman. This story caught my interest from the very beginning just by the sheer fact that it had a comment that so perfectly depicted Ottawa in the summer:

It was so hot by mid-morning that people were frying eggs on the sidewalk. Well… they could have fried eggs on the sidewalk if they’d felt up to it.”

I immediately felt sorry for both Anna Sweet and her partner as their air conditioner was on the fritz in the second-floor office. I can just imagine!  

Anna is presented with a new case…a young man who has secretly dated three women at the same time is now being harassed… and the harassment is escalating to the point where Brent is really worried for his safety.

In usual Anna style, she gets right down to investigating even to the detriment of her relationship with Nick. Anna is using her work as a buffer to shield her against getting hurt (by turning down Nick’s invitation to come to the wrap party in New York). I sure hope she has an epiphany because I would hate to see her loose Nick!

Anna talks to Brent’s three ex’s as well as his roommate, co-workers and his family. The OPD (Ottawa Police Department) is not involved until the vandalism escalates to “Someone had smeared dog poop and ketchup from top to bottom” on the front door of the home on Paul Anka Drive that Brent lives in (with Wayne – a friend from high school).

Given that this story is a mystery, I must stop detailing the contents of the book so to allow the reader to experience the unravelling of the mystery for themselves. I must say though, that having read all seven of the books in the series – I find this one is the story where I was totally caught off guard. As well, by this time in the series – I know the characters and feel like I am part of the PI firm – experiencing the investigation as a side kick to Anna.

There are many surprises, which is a plus for a mystery…keep the suspense going. The personal dynamics of Anna with her father and nephew as well as her current beau and brother in-law (Jimmy) are all further developed – keep it personal and so much more real for the reader.

If you are a fan of mysteries and novellas – then I highly suggest you pick up this addition to the Anna Sweet Mystery series by Brenda Chapman and spend a couple of hours immersed in an enjoyable mystery.