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My generation had Judy Blume; today’s books just do it with more teeth. But once the vampire trend has been staked and Harry Potter has cast his last franchised spell, what can we expect to see as the next big thing?

Experts such as literary agents, authors, writers, librarians, and others yielded a list of recommended titles. In fact, it’s articles like these that can add to the hype and build a franchise. “Most of these trends occur by word of mouth, as was the case with both the Harry Potter series and the ‘Twilight’ series,”


“The Warriors” series, published by HarperCollins and written by multiple authors.  It’s a story about cats. They have magical powers and clans.


Writer James Patterson takes on the teen set with the “Maximum Ride” series, featuring kids that 98 percent human and 2 percent bird. There are mutant wolf-humans as well.

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I remember Judy Blume books :). These books sound pretty interesting.

Would you read one of these books? Would you buy one for your kids?