A whole lot of authors don’t often make the trip to Sydney, Australia and genre authors even less so. That’s why there was no way I was going to miss Kelley Armstrong’s appearance at THE genre bookstore in Sydney, Australia, Galaxy Bookshop late last year.

I couldn’t not go once I read that she was in Australia as her book, “Dime Store Magic”, was my introduction to urban fantasy and a new genre I had never really known before then.

I made my way upstairs to Galaxy at Abbeys (their parent store), trying very hard to not get distracted by the sale section at Abbey’s downstairs. There was already a line, which I quickly joined, and found myself behind two lovely ladies. We started a conversation and talked about anything and everything regarding books and to my delight, I found one of those lovely ladies actually worked at Galaxy and had stayed for the signing. Kelley, she informed me, was already here and I realized that I had passed her by as she was looking at shelves at the front of the store!

Another woops! moment for me was realizing I’d forgotten my copy of a book for her to sign, but thankfully, we were lining up past the shelves with the older hardcovers for sale and yeah, you guessed it, there were some of Kelley’s books there. So I managed to score a lovely title for signing, and a photograph of her.

I was also bummed to discover that the news I’d been reading – that Book No 13 would be the last in the Women of the Otherworld Series – was indeed true. Though, Kelley did add that it was more of a break, and that the series was something she would like to revisit down the line and to be honest, I already can’t wait for that moment! The Women of the Otherworld Series has been one of the most constant parts of the urban fantasy genre for me and I hate to think of the genre without it.

So that was my brush with one of my favorite authors! Don’t forget to check out Annabell’s review of The Gathering (Darkness Rising), Book 1 of another series by Kelley Armstrong.