Bitten Book club 26-34

Clay and Elena walked to the ravine and found a thicket for their run.  They separated long enough to change, but she was taking too long thinking about how good it felt changing in Toronto with someone instead of sneaking around solo.  Clay peaked over whining for her to hurry up before she had actually changed.

After they ran, they changed back to human form and laid in the grass together resting and talking.  Then, Clay told her that he had something for her.  It was two sparklers; he remembered her love for them.  He told her that they should start a new tradition of wishing on them as they were tossed aside, when they were done.  She wished that she knew what she wanted.

Elena and Clay slept in the forest until Dawn and then got dressed and had breakfast at a little bistro.  Clay commented that Elena looked happy and she told him that she was.

They got back to the apartment after 9 am, laughing as they tumbled into the door.  Philip was sitting waiting for them.  Philip insisted on talking to Elena alone.  Clay tried walking to other parts of the apartment, but Philip wouldn’t have it.  Elena told Clay it was OK and Clay said he’d be downstairs and left.


“Something’s going on, it’s just not the obvious….You know he’s in love with you, don’t you?”-Philip
“Calm down and think about it, you’ll know Clay isn’t dead.  Think about it.  Daniel knows how important Clayton is to the pack.  To you.  To me.  He’s too valuable as a hostage.”-Jeremy

“You know me better than that.  I see an opportunity, I take advantage of it.”-Martsen

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1. What do you think about how Elena reacted when Jeremy found her and was so desperate to get to Clay?

2. What do you think about Elena’s memories of her and Clay and Christmas?

3. Do you think Elena was too harsh her dealings with Olson?

4. Are you glad Martsen got his territory?  Do you think he will be a help to the pack in the future?

5. Overall thoughts of the book?

6. Will you continue reading this series?