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When Kellan Lutz decided to join the Cullen family he couldn’t have possibly predicted the magnitude of the hurricane he was about to get swept up in. Now, whether he’s leaving the gym or a BlackBook photoshoot, he’s followed by a pack of photographers.

So what’s it like being a young actor in Los Angeles?
It’s been an eye-opener, for sure. I really don’t like LA. I don’t go to the beach, I don’t use the amenities that are in LA , I don’t really go out to the clubs.

So I hear you’re pretty cool with the Twilight fans, who I hear can be a little much.
I am extremely blessed to be a part of this franchise. I didn’t know this series and I didn’t know it had such a following. I love going to conventions.

Do you like doing your own stunts?
I love doing my own stunts. I try and fight the producers to allow me to do stuff and of course there’s insurance reasons why we can’t, but again, I want that to be my face on screen. I love anything action and being on rigs and falling from buildings. I kind of want to be a stunt man too.

So what was it like filming the Nightmare on Elm Street remake?
Freddie scared me growing up. I watched a lot of horror movies with my dad and my brother. There’s something about Freddie Kruger attacking you in your sleep that terrified me. And having the chance to be a part of this movie, I’m blessed.

You started your career as a model, but when exactly were you bit by the acting bug?
I fell into the modeling world by luck, but I did it because I found photography to be a passion of mine, and being in front of the camera was really cool.

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And here you can watch the new trailer for Kellan’s upcoming movie ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ – released on

It’s always a pleasure to read something from Kellan. And this interview was really great. Him talking about his ‘Twilight’ cast-mates, auditions, his life in L.A., enjoying sushi, playing wii and how he loves to do stunts by himself. And I think it’s good to hear that he and the others have the head still on their shoulders and the feet on the ground. And the new trailer is just amazing!
What do you think about the new Freddie Krueger movie? And about the things Kellan is telling us?