“Yeah, me and the other humans, like  Michael Welch, Christian Serratos and Anna Kendrick, we’re all flying out tomorrow,” revealed The Twilight Saga: Eclipse returnee Justin Chon in an interview with Radar Online.

“Super excited” and raring to go, Chon also revealed several other details about his character in Eclipse.

This time, it’s a lot more banter. A lot of more cafeteria scenes,” Chon explains. The humans, he says, are there to bring a lighter mood to the film.

Supposedly, too, Chon’s character, Eric Yorkie, will be getting his hands dirty with some other cryptic extra-curricular activities. “We’re not just gonna be in the cafeteria the whole time.”

He also revealed that he has seen and memorized the script, and that the script takes some “liberties” with the book’s text, but nothing extraordinary.

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I don’t feel as excited about Eclipse as I did New Moon. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen New Moon yet and I feel I need to before I can move on and get excited about Eclipse filming. IDK.

How do you feel about the recent news that everyone is gathering and beginning to film Eclipse? Are you ready for the next movie?