Jumper, Book #1

By Steven Gould

ISBN: 9780765342287

Author’s Website: http://eatourbrains.com/steve/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro



In the story, a seventeen year old Davy discovers that he can teleport, or jump, from one place to another. But his ability only works with specific places that he has been to and his mind remembers. After some tragic events at home, Davy jumps away and starts a new life in New York, where, after a few struggles and then acquiring some money, things finally seem to be looking better. Davy later meets Millie and starts a relationship with her, but he can’t just leave his old life behind. He still goes to visit his alcoholic dad and old neighborhood.

Trying to get more jumping points, Davy travels around the world and soon is capable of jumping wherever he wishes. Things get complicated when terrorism crosses in Davy’s path and he decides to take justice in his hands.

Why did I not read this book years ago? I definitely did not know what I was missing out on. I guess I could say that I didn’t know what to expect. Jumper is a book that transcends through time, which can clearly be seen while you’re reading it and hardly ever wonder what year the events are taking place. The story is humorous, entertaining, detailed that it captivates you to the point where I can say that Jumper is still a great book ‘til this day.

Davy is by far my favorite character, followed by Mille. He is smart and nerdy, with a pinch of sarcastic and funny. His love for books is just amazing, to the point where he would save them first than anything else. Steven Gould could have not created a better character for this book. Davy just has so much to give to the story who can easily guide us through it.

“You don’t go to school and you don’t work? What do you do?”

“I read a lot.”

Jumper is a book that not only talks about science fiction and teleporting, it deals domestic violence, terrorism, culture, religion, family, romance, loneliness, depression, suffering and more. All of these experienced through a teenager trying to survive in the real world, almost an alien in his own country. At the end, he opens his heart to love and reconciliation, and learns from his mistakes like anyone else.

All in all, if you’re into good, classic, science fiction books, Jumper is a title you should definitely read. It can stand as a young adult book or an adult book, either way, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

P.S. The book is nothing like the movie.