Joann I Martin Sowles
Brookehaven Vampires, Book #2

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Angie

Darkness by Joann Martin Sowles is the second installment in The Brookehaven Vampire Series. In the previous book, Laney, we met the main characters Laney, Oliver, Carter, Kiera, Julz, Felix, Issac, and Hailey. Darkness picks up LITERALLY right where Laney left off. If it’s been a while since you read Laney I recommend that you refresh yourself. I found myself having to go back and re-read a few chapters to catch up.

We pick up with Laney and Oliver having escaped the fight and they are now in hiding. Oliver has taken Laney back to Julz and Issac’s for safekeeping. Julz is not at all happy to have Laney there and she has no problem letting everyone know. You could cut the tension with a knife… or a letter opener… just saying (wink).

Carter was bitten by a werewolf in the incident and no one is quite sure what will happen when the moon is full. While he heals, he  is staying at Julz’s  as well. Add Felix into the mix for extra protection and there’s quite a houseful. The college has been closed until further notice so Laney and Oliver get a lot of  alone time together. Oliver is determined to bond with Laney and she is determined to allow it to happen, but with that many folks in the house will they ever get any privacy?

Without giving away any spoilers I’ll just tell you to have your kleenex handy. There were so many emotional moments for me. And not just the sappy ones, but the sexy ones and the funny ones. Sowles writes the sexual tension in a brilliant way. I could feel the ache that Laney was experiencing (yay for the hubster!) and was eager to see Laney and Oliver take their relationship to the next level.

There is a scene with Laney and Carter that had me giggling like a maniac …and craving Peppermint Schnapps!! Ahhh to be young and carefree and drunk!

Once again Sowles has left me eager for “the rest of the story” and I can’t wait until Book 3 comes out.