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Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence has landed the coveted lead role in Lionsgate’s new franchise “The Hunger Games,” TheWrap has learned.

The lead in “The Hunger Games,” based on the best-selling novels, was one of the hottest roles in town.

Lawrence was tipped as the “clear frontrunner” four days ago. She got the offer on Tuesday, and the details were hammered out for two days until the deal closed on Wednesday, according to an individual with knowledge of the deal.

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Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for Winter’s Bone, and the preview  alone (you can watch it here) proves that she can handle all the action and tension The Hunger Games requires. While I think there are other actresses who look more like Katniss, I think Jennifer is a great choice. She’s tan in most of the pictures I’ve seen of her, and she’s obviously a natural brunette. She also looks strong, which will be important when she picks up a bow. She’s also 20, so she won’t age visually as the trilogy progresses. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long between movies anyway.

Of course now the speculation will turn to who will play Gale and Peeta. Since Jennifer is 20, they can go with older actors like Alex Pettyfer for Peeta (although I hope they don’t). We should get news soon, since filming is slated to start in April.

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss? Would you have picked someone else, or are you just glad to know?