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Valerie: Did you have a specific target audience in mind when you wrote Grandpa and Frank?

Janet Majerus:  “Grandpa” was originally published as an adult/young adult book. From reader comments I received back, it seemed both age groups liked it. I actually was targeting young adults.

Valerie: Sarah is such a great twelve year old! Did you base her off anyone in particular?

Janet Majerus:  Some people claim she is like me at 12. Actually, I think I wished I was like Sarah.

Valerie: Has there been anyone in your life like Sarah’s grandfather?

Janet Majerus:  My paternal grandfather was like my fictional grandfather, but it was my maternal grandfather who developed dementia and did some “weird” things.

Valerie: How did you decide on the time-frame? Did you have to do any research before starting your story?

Janet Majerus:  It seemed like a calm time in history, after the ravages of war. I had to do a lot of research on Model A Fords to make sure that reverse gear could be stripped. Also I had to be sure what Chicago was like in the late 40s.

Valerie: What do you recommend for kids with relatives like Frank? What sort of action, if any, should they take?

Janet Majerus:  I certainly don’t recommend they kidnap their grandfathers. I would suggest they consult with another adult member of the family and see what they could do to ease the burden on the caretakers. It’s tough on everyone in the family.

Valerie: As an author, what was your favorite experience that occurred from the writing of this book?

Janet Majerus:  The responses of the readers who took time to write me. It seems the book raised a lot of nostalgia in people. Maybe it was a wish we could go back to simpler times.

Valerie: Now, here’s a fun one: what was your favorite snack while writing?

Janet Majerus:  Oh, oh. Confession time. I love miniature Snickers Bars. I buy them at trick and treat time, but end up stashing them in the freezer to reward to myself when I’m writing.


Thank you to author Janet Majerus for an amazing interview!