by mrblack on geektyrant.com

James Cameron has been back in the limelight these particularly because of his upcoming film ‘Avatar’. James Cameron has also been attached to a project called ‘Battle Angel’ that has seemed to be a rumor… until now. MarketSaw has reported that they have some news from a “top source in the Cameron camp”.

Cameron is a go on this film which will be about a 14 year old half cyborg girl who is found in a scrapyard by a mysterious scientist who repairs her and they both discover that her fate is far more important than being another cyborg. The film is based on Battle Angel Alita a Japanese Manga from creator Yukito Kishiro.

I wonder who they will get to star in this film. The film is still in early Pre-production and I seriously doubt that any cast decisions have been made. Cameron seems to pick the right actors for the right roles…. at least for the most part.

With all the advancements Cameron has been making for ‘Avatar’, the effects on ‘Battle Angel’ would simply have to be amazing. Production is due to start soon, I imagine once the whole flurry of ‘Avatar’ has settled a bit. But I can only imagine how amazing it will turn out. With this story already having a very grounded visual style, thanks to the Manga, we can get an idea of what Cameron has in store for the audience.

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Do you like James Cameron movies? What do you think – who would you like to see cast in ‘Battle Angel’?