Jacquelyn Frank
Seduce Me In Dreams
A Three Worlds Novel, Book #1

Review brought to you by OBS staff Member Heidi

This is the first book in a  new series, Three Worlds, by Jacquelyn Frank.

Bronse is a commander for the interplanetary militia.  His newest team member, Trick, got injured on their latest mission.  While Trick’s in the medbay he gets bored and hacks into their database and finds out that the admiral set them up; that the mission had already been completed and that Bronse’s position had been given up along with orders to destroy him.

Ravenna is a chosen one on the planet Ebbany.  She has been sold into slavery, along with her brother, Kitch.  Ravenna sees visions of the future and knows that Bronse is going to come and save them, she just doesn’t know when.

Somehow when both Bronse and Ravenna are asleep simultaneously, they appear in each other’s dreams.  They both feel an attraction for the other.  Bronse is filled with anger when he sees that Ravenna’s captors  have beaten her.  She tells him not to worry that she knows he will come to save her but he can’t change his normal course or it could change the future.  Not to mention, neither Bronse nor Ravenna know where she is.  She tells him to keep his crew together, because if they separate, someone will die.

Bronse and his men are quickly called on another mission, not knowing if it’s another trick to end his life set up by the admiral or not.  They change the course of their assigned mission, to protect themselves.  During the mission the troop is separated and Bronse falls down a hole and ends up in an underground cave.  He tells his team to rally to him because he’s afraid of Ravenna’s premonition coming true.  While he’s waiting for his crew to arrive, he looks for an exit, but smells Ravenna.  He incapacitates the guards outside the door and breaks in to find her, in much worse shape than she was last he saw her.  Her wounds are severely infected and swollen and she is burning up with fever.

Bronse’s squad finds them and they administer first aid and get Ravenna and Kitch out of there, but they are forced to carry Ravenna.  She is worried if they don’t go back to their temple to save their brothers and sisters that they will be sold to these nomads in her and Kitch’s places.

They start their long trek to try to get to the Chosen’s temple when Bronse is attacked by a hutha lion.  It’s impossible for them to carry both Ravenna and Bronse so Kitch and crew member Justice go to the temple ahead of them to get help.  Kitch brings back some men and Kitch and Ravenna’s sister, Ophelia, who has magic healing  powers.

Ophelia is able to heal both Bronze and Ravenna and they make it back to the Chosen’s temple safely.  But when Ravenna wakes with a start to a horrible premonition they all must flee at night to head back to Bronse and his team’s home planet.  But Bronse doesn’t know where he can take the chosen as he wasn’t assigned to bring back civilians, but he will worry if he doesn’t have Ravenna close enough to protect.  Not to mention, with the admiral still wanting his death, he isn’t sure they will be safe near him.  They must all work together to find a solution that will work best for everyone involved.

I was really happy to be able to get this book a few weeks before it was released.  But I was a little skeptical when I read the storyline of it; I thought it was a bit out there.  But after reading it, I’m glad I did.  The characters were likeable and the storyline was entertaining.  It was a fast read (I read it in a little over a day) and would be a great read for when you’re in between books and don’t know what to read next—you will fly through it in no time.  This wasn’t a page turner in the sense that you couldn’t put it down, but I still liked it and thought the book was good overall.

The second book in this series, Seduce Me In Flames, was just released at the end of July and focuses around Bronse’s teammate, Ender.