Jacob’s Faith

Breeds, Book #11

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9781843607489

Author’s Website:  http://www.loraleigh.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

jacobs-faith-breeds-lora-leighWhen Jacob was in the labs, he knew how to play the game, making the demented scientists think he was a tame puppy, doing as they wished to protect himself and the rest of his pack.  But they weren’t as vicious as their tormentors had always hoped them to be, so they knew their time was limited as there was already talk of them executing the wolves by year’s end.

But one night they threw Jacob’s packmate, Faith, into his cell, drugged out of her mind to make her more accommodating.  They’d seen how he watched her, how he always reacted to her, and knew there was something there.  He was told to breed her that night, but Faith was too young and innocent for the likes of him and he knew if they did as the scientists wished, they’d use it to torment her even more later.  He always expected he’d end up with her eventually, but not like this.  But in the end, he couldn’t let her keep suffering, the drugs making her ache for his touch.  But as he was just getting started with her, the lab around him exploded and they were all able to escape.  Jacob could never forgive himself the horror of what he’d done to Faith.  So, he stayed away from her for her protection, figuring she wouldn’t want to see him after what he’d done anyway.  However, he never understood the ramifications of the bite mark he left on her.  He had no idea the unsated desire he saddled her with.

It’s been six years and the pack was pulled together to help protect their Alpha and his mate.  It’s the first time Faith had seen Jacob since they escaped from the lab.  But as soon as Wolfe and Hope were safe Jacob left again, breaking her heart even more.

Now Wolfe has sent Faith on a fool’s mission to find Jacob to give him some papers their Alpha felt was important.  So with Hawke by her side they have been searching for her mate for several months.  And, they finally find him in some hellhole bar in a hellhole town.  After she and Hawke fight off a group of men (if you can call them that) who want to have their way with Faith, Jacob grabs her and carts her off to the house he’s staying at.  Now all of a sudden he’s decided he’s ready to claim her as his mate.  And worse, her Alpha is demanding she stays there and have sex with him!  But how can she stay with a man that doesn’t even want her?

I wasn’t sure about this book in the beginning.  Jacob definitely takes some getting used to.  And, he came off as a domineering jerk at first.  However, once Faith stopped fighting him and accepted their mating, he ended up being kind of sweet.  Especially once he revealed all the ways he’s provided for her over the years.  I can’t even blame him for staying away, he thought that’s what she needed to get past what happened in the lab and to mature enough to be ready for their mating.  Plus he had no idea that he put her into the mating frenzy with that first encounter and that she’s suffered for six long years.

It was pretty great when Jacob and Faith were able to work together and he realized that she’s not the delicate flower he always thought her to be.  When he learned that she could protect herself, not that it would keep him from protecting her, mind you, but he learned she wasn’t a burden, but a true partner.  A good thing, considering his job and her refusal to ever be separated again.

However, their past comes back to haunt them when a team of Coyotes and humans lead by the most perverted man in the labs comes to take Faith from him.  He’ll fight to the death to protect her, if that what it takes!

This ended up being a pretty good book and we’re introduced to a new kind of breed, the winged breeds that have psychic powers.  They have met Aiden’s mate and want to go back to the labs to rescue her, if she’s still alive.  But Aiden only has bad memories of her and refuses to go save one of the scientists that did such horrible things to them.  The new breeds insist it’s the only way to save the wolves.  This is a nice segue into Aiden’s story and I can’t hardly wait!  And, I’m sure we’ll get more of Faith and Jacob as well since Aiden is Faith’s brother.  Plus when this story ended …. Faith was still in heat and based on what Cian had said at the end I suspect she’ll need Charity most urgently of all.