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Fan Fiction Highlight:  It’s My Life

Author: DaCherry

Description: Twilight FanFiction All Human/OOC

When Bella tries to give herself a one night stand as a birthday present, Edward has other ideas.

Chapters: 37

Rating: Fiction M

Short Preview:

I settled in nicely to my new life. I made a few friends at work and a few at the bar. I even went out on a few dates, but there was never any spark. Alice and I had a girl’s night every few weekends so we could spend time together. She and I are a lot alike and we enjoyed just hanging out at my house or theirs. The five of us celebrated my 25th birthday in September. They took me out on a gambling cruise on the bay, it was a lot of fun and I won $200.

About 3 weeks after my birthday, Alice and Jasper tried to talk me into going to the Ocean Beach Oktoberfest. According to them, it is the best one in the county. I didn’t really want to go as I was in a bit of a funk. All I felt like doing was calling Jake and eating Ice Cream. Sometimes a girl just needs a day to herself. Alice insisted though, so I agreed as long as I wasn’t driving.

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I took inventory. Long dark hair with perfect red highlights -check. Favorite jeans sitting just right on my ass-check. Red converse low tops-check. Minimal make-up and cute t-shirt-check. This is it, I Isabella Swan was ready! As the doorbell rang and Alice let herself in, I realized that I had come a long way in a short time. I was feeling good about the way I looked and that always made me happy. Especially as my life was about to change, again.

“Bella! Are you ready to go? Jasper’s waiting in the car.” Alice yelled as she wandered down the hall looking for me.

“I’m back here, Alice. Just getting one more look at myself before heading out the door.” I spun, grabbed my phone and met her in the living room.

“You look good B. Comfortable is good as it’s in the park.” Alice led me out to her yellow VW Beetle that Jasper was driving. We got in and headed to the beach. Parking was pretty packed, but Jasper found a spot and the three of us wandered into the beverage tent. The three of us walked to the nearest beer seller, ordered our pints and walked around the tent.

“So Bella? If you could give yourself something that you have never had before, what would it be?” Alice asked. She liked to put you on the spot with weird questions sometimes.

“Hmm, Alice. I’m not sure. I would like another tattoo though.” I currently had three tattoos. One on each ankle and the obligatory lower back known as a ‘tramp” stamp.

“What else Bella? You already have tattoos.” She gave me a look so I knew I would have to come up with something that was spontaneous even for me.

“O.K. How about a one night stand in honor of my 25th birthday. I have only had sex with men that I either dated or knew. So- tonight, my dear Ali, I will have uncontrolled sex with someone I don’t know.” I made Alice’s jaw drop with that one. She knew I wasn’t that kind of girl and that I had only had about five partners in my years. I went back over to get another beer and took a look around. The tent was huge and there were about 8 beer taps on each side. All eight were different types of beer. We intended to try one of each beer available before we left for the day.

As I walked back over to Alice and Jasper, I saw him. He looked stunning from the back. I tapped Alice and said, “That’s the guy.”

“Who? The one night stand guy? Are you really going to do it?” Alice asked. She turned to where I was looking. “B- you can only see the back of him. What makes you so sure?”

“Because from here he looks good.” I winked at her. The guy I was looking at was tall, probably about 6’3″, had a white wife beater on, a faded pair of levis jeans, boots, a leather jacket flung over his left shoulder, and a motorcycle helmet tucked under his arm. I could see two tattoos on his right upper arm and some across his shoulders. The kicker was his hair. It was all over the place and a brownish reddish color.

“Well, go talk to him. “Alice tried to push me towards him, but I am shyer than I let on and resisted.

“Alice, I can’t do it. You know I am not a one night kind of girl.” I was actually a little embarrassed about staring at his ass. Just then, the guy turned around and locked eyes with me. They were a startling green color and they made my breath catch. He smiled at me, lifted his beer in toast and drank. Then he turned back around to his friends.

“Oh my, B. I think he noticed you too.” And with that, Alice skipped off to find Jasper. They returned a few minutes later and I was still staring at the back of my guy. Jasper noticed my ogling and offered to go and talk to him for me. With that, he wandered off. I had never felt more junior high in my life. I should have just given him a note “do you like me? Circle YES or NO”. I was nervous that the guy would think I was a stalker and turned to get another beer. When I got back to Alice, she had been joined by Jasper, and two other guys. One of them being the guy I had been starting down. He was very nice to look at up close.

“Bella, look who I ran into.” Jasper smiled at me.

“I’m Edward” he said, and put his hand out to shake mine. I grasped it like a lifeline.

“I’m Bella.” I said shyly.

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