4 star rating
By Denise R. Stephenson 
ISBN# 9781626527607
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Slight Spoilers

isolation-denise-r-stephensonPicture yourself in a world where so few remember. Remember the taste of cherries just picked from the field, the smell of fresh cut grass, the passionate kisses to your husband. Unfortunately, the lovely common things we take for granted are banned because highly resistant bacteria are everywhere and contaminate livestock and vegetation. With no cure, new strains of Listeria and Ecoli are killing people left and right. The Government turns from a democracy to an almost communistic rule. No touching your face or another person, no going outside, no eating natural foods. All every day jobs are gone, and every one receives daily allotments and has to exercise on equipment to generate power.

Although I enjoyed reading about all the different characters it was very hard for me to keep track of who’s turn in the book it was. I would have appreciated a heading or chapters to keep it organized. Sometimes the sentences ran together and I was confused on what was going on. That being said I really enjoyed Isolation. It depicts an incredibly realistic future. With the common use of pesticides and every day vaccinations it is completely possible for bacteria and viruses to evolve and become super bugs. Just knowing that made me think twice when cooking dinner or going fishing. Cathy, a mother and grandmother reminded me of myself. Although she is in her 60’s the talk of the past and the 5 second rule- you know the one you still do, drop food and if its only been on the ground 5 seconds or less its free game! I feel if I were in her situation it would be extremely difficult to adjust and forget the past. Her daughter Maggie thinks Cathy is criminally insane when she talks like this. Although Maggie and Cathy are at opposite ends of the spectrum I feel like if I were a mother I would be much like Maggie. Although the rules are heart breaking when raising an infant, you do what you have to do no matter how cruel. After all, habits learned early are habits for life.

I had a little difficulty with the end of the book. The story begins with a few offenders, people who accidently sneeze or touch someone, to  zero offenders. In the middle another character named Gary starts to question his purpose as a Sanitizer. He also gets lonely, in an unfortunate event Gary and Maggie meet, after they both yearn for more.  Maggie and a old Professor being to wonder about outside and life out of their apartments they have been confined to for the past decade. In the end of the book one character goes outside and is severely punished, another gets touched for the first time and was scared out of his mind and one ventures out in the world, never looking back. I was expecting some kind of change or grand gesture towards reanimating the world again. Like the one who ventured outside to find out they were all an experiment or that the government was trying to control them although they found a cure . But nothing changed. I was very disappointed.

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