Cloverleigh Farms, Book #1

By Melanie Harlow

ISBN# 9781796659412

Author’s Website:

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Frannie Sawyer was born with a congenital heart defect and had to have three open heart surgeries throughout her childhood.  Needless to say, her parents became over protective of her and tried to keep her sheltered and still do even now that she’s 27 years old.

Frannie is desperate to make her own way in life, outside her parents’ shadows.  And, she may just get that chance!  However, she will have to go toe to toe with her mom to make it a reality.

Meanwhile, Frannie has started seeing the man she’s had a crush on for quite some time.  Single father of three beautiful girls, and the CFO of Cloverleigh, Declan ‘Mack’ MacAllistar.  But Mack sees no future for them and thinks he’s just a speed bump on her way to her happily ever after with someone else.  Are the two doomed from the start or can Frannie show him that they are worth fighting for?

I’m reading these books out of order.  I read the most current book, Insatiable, first and fell in love with it.  So, I decided to start the rest of the series at the beginning with this book.  This was a decent read, but sadly it didn’t live up to Insatiable for me.  Maybe I’d have a different view if I had read this book first …

I liked Frannie, but she didn’t make a lot of sense to me.  She keeps talking about how she doesn’t want others controlling her life and making decisions for her.  But then she gets turned on when Mack gets bossy and controlling in the bedroom … or office.  I also felt like she was too much of a pushover when he was concerned always jumping to please him.  Even after his big apology it was her going to him after work.

Mack just absolutely frustrated me.  I was a single parent once upon a time, so I get what he was going through.  Although I had one child at the time, not three.  I hated how he used his kids as an excuse for things not to work and I felt like he didn’t even try.  I understood that sometimes plans fall through when something with his kids came up.  However, he never once made it to anything important to Frannie.  NOT. ONE. SINGLE. TIME.  But he sure lapped up all the sex!

He does make up for it in the overly sweet epilogue, but throughout most of the book his assessment of his self was true.

“Or maybe I was just an asshole.”

And, I thought it was kind of shitty of him to do what he did to Frannie at his best friend’s wedding!  It couldn’t have waited a day?  Really?

So in conclusion, this wasn’t a bad book, but I definitely had some issues with the main characters and how they handled certain situations.