4 star rating
Iron Night
American Vampire, Book #2
By M.L. Brennan
ISBN# 9780451418418
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iron-night-american-vampire-m-l-brennanFortitude Scott is back in the second American Vampire novel.  He has quit fighting his heritage and has accepted that he’s in the transition from human to vampire.  He’s taking his mother’s blood willingly and has even been training with his brother, Chivalry, so he can be in peak fighting condition for when the need arises, which it always does.

But, despite all of Fort’s changes, he still maintains his own life outside  his mother’s home.  He is now working at a ritzy restaurant as a waiter, and he still has his apartment, and finally has a good roommate that pays his share, Gage.  But when Fort finds Gage dead in his room, he can’t help, but feel responsible.  Now he’s on a mission to find out who would hurt Gage in such a grotesque way, and make them pay!

But when Suze and Fort’s investigating leads them to a skinwalker, a vile creature banned from Scott territory for over 60 years, he knows he has to call his family in.  But with Chivalry’s wife on the edge of death, Fort elects to have his sister, Prudence, as backup, even though she isn’t his biggest fan (putting it lightly).  But can he keep her on her leash?

This is one of those books that made me so glad that I didn’t judge the entire series based on the first book!  I felt that book one, Generation V, was plagued with faults and I just didn’t like it.  But Brennan has definitely proven herself with Iron Night!  It was such a vast improvement, and so much better than I expected that I’m stunned and so pleased!

Let’s start with Fort himself.  In the last book he was a complete pushover!  Now he’s really coming into his own.  He’s accepting that what he can’t change, but doing things the way that feels right to him.  Becoming a vampire, but without losing his human compassion, even when the difficult decisions have to be made.  Heck, even the model on the book cover is sexier in this book! Yum!

You also see a lot of Fort’s film degree showing up in with movie and TV show references throughout the book that gives the book pops of modern culture.

“With how you were reacting to that glamour, I’ll have to keep an eye on you. Otherwise the next time I see you, you’ll probably have a Doctor Who tramp stamp.

For one awkward second, I realized that the only way Suzume could possibly look hotter to me was if she had a tattoo of the TARDIS on the middle of her lower back. I was profoundly grateful in that moment that the kitsune were unable to read minds.”


“Prudence was waiting for us when we arrived, and I saw her visibly wince as I pulled the Fiesta into the parking space beside her Lexus, like an automotive version of Lady and the Tramp.”

Even Suzume has appeared to have matured in this installment.  Don’t get me wrong, she still enjoys a good prank, but she’s not nearly as immature and obnoxious as she was in Generation V!  I was even *wanting* Fort to hook up with her in this book!  That says it all right there!

I found the entire storyline to be interesting and engaging in this book.  I was so sad to see what had happened to Gage.  He wasn’t in the book long, but I could tell that I really would have enjoyed him in the long-term.  So I’m glad that Fort had such a big role in getting to the truth and making those responsible pay.

I also really enjoyed the humor that was sprinkled throughout this book.  It kept things light and fun.  It was done perfectly,  adding  to this entertainment value of this novel.

And those elves?  They put the creep into creepy! *shudder*  Their description was so detailed and spine-tingling.  Not to mention the perversions they were perpetrating!  I definitely wouldn’t want to meet these guys in a dark alley or in broad daylight either!

This series has completely turned around for me.  I’m excited to see what will happen in the future, especially with Fort’s new roommate … and even a new romance!   Brennan, please write faster!