Brought to you by OBS staff member Annabell Cadiz

Chapters 1-6

Meghan Chase
Robin Goodfellow (Puck)
Ash, Prince of the Unseelie Court
Ethan (Meghan’s little brother)

Short Summary/Mini Description: Meghan Chase is about to turn sixteen years old and desperately wants her ordinary life to liven up. She gets her wish when things in her life suddenly turn beyond strange when she finds her mother unconscious on the kitchen floor and her brother on a rampage. Her best friend, Puck, shows up and announces her brother Ethan is no longer her real brother but a changling—the child of a fey family from fairyland NeverNever. And how does Puck know all this? Well, turns out Puck’s real name is Robin Goodfellow (better known from Midsummer Nights Dream) and he is fey. In order for Meghan to get rid of the changling and return her family back to normal, she must venture into NeverNever to rescue Ethan and bring him back home then the changling will be forced to leave. Puck and Meghan head off into NeverNever through one of the doors that connect into the fairy world from the human world (the doors can only be found where there is a lot of imagination and creativity; the same way works for the existence of fairies, they live as long as imagination and creativity exists). Right into their trip, Meghan winds up being tricked by a Wisp who pretends to look like her brother in order to drown her then both Megan and Puck get chased down by rapid fey dogs and a prince on a horse. Puck turns himself into a horse in order to escape and hides Meghan leading the dogs after him along with the prince.

Favorite Scene: When Puck reveals himself to be fey to Meghan. I like the way he turns into a flock of crows gradually.

Favorite Character: Puck is mischievous and has that whole bad boy thing going on. He’s also so dang sarcastic. Cracks me up!

Least Favorite Scene: When Meghan actually believes Scott (the popular jock) really likes her and heads to meet him at lunch not suspecting everyone who is suddenly laughing and staring at her has nothing to do with her. Scott took a picture of her and changed it so she was naked and passed it around school via text message. The scene was too cliché.

Least Favorite Character: Meghan whines way too much about her life and makes stupid decisions people would common sense wouldn’t make!

Favorite Quotes: “Once you start seeing things, you won’t be able to stop. People have gone mad with too much knowledge.” ~Puck

Discussion Questions:
1)      How would you feel if your best friend suddenly revealed to you that you were a fairy?
2)      Would you venture into the NeverNever to rescue your brother even though you know it’s super dangerous?
3)      Have you ever read A MidSummer Nights Dream? What did you think of it?