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Chapters 14-19

New Characters:
Shard (Winter sidhe)
Narissa (Winter fey who attacks Meghan, Puck, and Ash as they are heading through Tir Na Nog but doesn’t do much harm because she’s afraid of Ash)
Virus (King Machina’s Second Lieutenant)
Elder Dryad

Short Summary/Mini Description: Meghan and Grimalkin need to head into the Unseelie Court which is located in Tir Na Nog and must find a door to enter through. Grimalkin leads Meghan to a club called Blue Chaos which is run by Shard, a Winter sidhe, and has a door into the Winter Court. Shard won’t let Meghan and Grimalkin through without a price though and offers Meghan access to the door if she will give Shard her name. Meghan manages to outwit Shard by giving her a fake name since Shard requested only a name never Meghan’s true name. Grimalkin and Meghan make it through the door into Tir Na Nog thanks to Puck who comes to the rescue when Shard sends redcaps (little ugly goblin looking things) and an orge free to attack them. Just as Grimalkin, Puck, and Meghan step into Tir Na Nog they are confronted by Prince Ash.

As Puck and Ash duel, Meghan gets kidnapped by Gremlins. She meets Ironhorse, Lieutenant of King Machina, who is the creator of the Iron Fey. King Machina has summoned a meeting with Meghan. Puck and Ash show up to rescue Meghan and Ash winds up hurt. They head to the house that is vacant since the owner is away at court so Ash can be able to be mended and rest. Meghan offered to make a deal with him: if he helps to get her safely through Tir Na Nog and to the Iron Fey who are keeping her brother, she will return with him to the Unseelie Court, Ash agrees. They head to New Orleans to seek an Oracle that Grimalkin knows who will be able to help them find the location of the Iron Fey. The Oracle will help them but for price: Meghan must give the Oracle one of her fondest memories and the Oracle tells her a riddle that Grimalkin seems to be the only one who understands.

They leave and get attacked by Virus, King Machine’s second Lieutenant, who has infected a bunch of humans with some kind of bug and is controlling them. Puck winds up getting shot by a policeman who is under Virus control while trying to save Meghan. They escape to a park where the dryads are and they agree to help Meghan, taking Puck and swallowing him into the tree with them. Puck will heal but the length of time it will take for him to do so cannot be determined, Meghan will have to continue her journey without him until he is ready to join her again. Ash and Meghan stay in the park for the night because they are safe there. The Elder dryad requests a meeting with Meghan and tells her of the only way to defeat King Machine. The weapon Meghan will need is called a Witchlight, a living wood containing the spirit of nature but the only way Meghan can get it is if the Elder dryad sacrifices herself since the Witchlight is her source of power. The Elder dryad gives Meghan the Witchlight and tells her she will find King Machine in an abandoned factory not too far from them, a guide will show them the way.

Favorite Scene: I like the scene when Ash and Meghan are speaking alone in the house. Ash points out Meghan’s weakness while he’s inspecting his sword.  I also liked the scene with the Oracle.

Least Favorite Scene: The scene with Narissa was really just pointless.

Favorite Quote (s):

“I love the barren, dead feel they’re going for. Who’s the gardener, I wonder? I’d love to get some tips.” ~Puck (commenting on the way Tir Na Nog looks)

“Combat doesn’t have to be with swords. Emotions can be deadly weapons, and knowing your enemy’s breaking point can be key to winning a battle.” ~Ash

“You can stop cringing in abject terror if you like. I swear, how you survive with noses like that, I will never know. I could smell his stink a mile away.” ~Grimalkin (commenting on a dead giant)

Discussion Questions:

1)      What do you think of the idea of the Iron Fey?
2)      Would you sacrifice one of your memories in order to find out information to save someone you love? Or you try to bargain for giving up something different? What would you be willing to give up to save someone you loved?