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*Please be aware that there are spoilers to the book, Iron Kin, in this article and that if you are planning to read it, it’s highly recommended to do so before the reading of this article.

I want to start this article out by saying that I don’t normally write out playlists for books because it’s hard for me to match songs to books, but I was going about my business the other day listening to my Pandora radio on my phone and a couple songs came on that truly spoke of this book to me.  I knew then that this article had to be written and I hope that you enjoy it.  But be forewarned that this article truly speaks to the kind of music I listen to and it’s definitely not for everyone.

Iron Kin is a book about four races: Humans (including Templars), Fae, Blood (vampires) and Beast Kind (shapeshifters).  The treaty that they live by to keep peace among them is about to expire and it’s time to renegotiate it to avoid the devastation that a species war would cause.

But my favorite part about this book is the romance between mixed breed Fen and the human Saskia.  That romance is truly what I’m focusing on in this article.  So pretend for a moment or 35, if you actually listen to the songs in their entirety, that this book was made into a movie.  These songs are the highlights of that imagined movie’s soundtrack.


  • First up is the intro song.  This is the song you hear during the opening credits and we get our first glimpses of Fen as he gets up in his near hangover state to start his day….or night.  I think Jumper by Third Eye Blind fits the bill as it describes how he feels about himself, in being a mutt and not belonging and trying to numb his pain with alcohol and women just to get a break from his painful visions.


  • Now we go to the scene at the Treaty Ball where Fen and Saskia meet and are both drawn to one another, but know that nothing can ever come of it.  I really like She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5, not so much for the lyrics, but the beat of the song.


  • Now I’m going to skip ahead to the night that Fen and Saskia give into their desires… or the morning after, I should say.  I think Animal I have become by Three Days Grace works nicely.  It describes Fen’s internal struggles with himself and not feeling good enough for a woman like her, but also has the beat and anger to match Saskia’s rage and hurt.


  • It’s time to fast-forward to the treaty negotiations.  Fen and Saskia are sitting next to one another and Fen is being overwhelmed by his visions because there are so many people in the room.  Saskia’s touch takes those visions away so she lightly touches his hand to where nobody can even tell.  I think this would be a great time to play the All-American Rejects’s Dirty Little Secret.  Having it go from Saskia’s touch and showing a catlike smile on her face and to glimpses of a montage of all her secret encounters with Fen, ending with the very sexy scene in the alley that night before the negotiations began.


  • Then, we go to one of my favorite scenes where Saskia’s brother, Guy, catches the duo being a little too friendly, causing the men to argue and Fen to storm out.  I think Never Say Never by the Fray would be perfect for the aftermath, with Fen leaving and Saskia looking longingly after him.  ‘Don’t Let me Go’ is exactly what Saskia seems to be broadcasting in Fen’s direction, making this song ideal for the moment.


  • Then we are immediately thrown into another of my favorite scenes.  When Saskia seeks Fen out after dealing with Guy.  He is sitting outside sulking (even though he insists he isn’t) and thinking how he’s not good enough for her.  Broken by Seether was created for a scene like this.  The song could start low in the background as she tries to talk to him and then hit the crescendo of the chorus as she pulls him in for that steamy make-out session!   And the lyrics couldn’t be more perfect for the scene.  Saskia telling him all the things she likes, like how he touches her.  The line from the song, “I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh” and then of course the song talking about being broken, which fits Fen to a T and another great line that describes exactly what Saskia is doing in that moment… “I wanna hold you high and steal your pain”.  Oh and this also fits because it’s an awesome song!


  • A lot of stuff happens between that scene and this next one.  The final negotiations, where Fen feels out of place with all the races and is longing for Saskia and is watching her from afar.  Better Than Me by Hinder has great pacing for this scene.  Starting slow and building.  It could possibly go from Fen walking in to when the shots ring out, having Saskia jump up when she see’s Fen is in danger.  That would be a powerful Hollywood scene!  Again great lyrics for how the characters are feeling, especially Fen… “all the lies I made you believe…I remember what it feels like beside you…you deserve much better than me”.


  • You and Me by Lifehouse is a great song for Fen and Saskia’s final makeup scene.  I especially like the verse about tripping on words and nothing coming out right… because they aren’t very articulate in this scene, but it is still pretty emotional.


  • And, it’s not a movie without that song that takes you from the final scene to the closing credits.  This ‘movie’ is going to close with Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters.  It’s upbeat and goes along with the characters looking for help to save the races.


Thanks for going on this journey with me.  I hope you had a good time and found some song you could relate to.  What songs would you pick for this book?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!