The detailed work that goes into creating the imaginary world of Alan Ball’s hit ‘True Blood’ is the result of the creative genius of Production Designer Suzuki Ingerslev and her team. did a wonderful interview split in two parts.

Q: How did you become involved with ‘True Blood’?
Suzuki: I was on another show and I got a call from a friend of mine at HBO who said that there’s a great new show, and it was going to be a hit, and that they needed some help in the art department over there, and that I should go over there and take the job.

Q: Do you find the locations or does someone else do that?
Suzuki: We have a location manager, who will go around, after we give him ideas of what we’re looking for, and search for the ideal location. He will either go online or go driving in certain areas of Los Angeles looking for options.

Q: In regards to Bill’s house, what type of mood or theme are you trying to convey with the decor?
Suzuki: With Bill’s house we took the direction that he had just inherited that house, and that it was not maintained for years before his arrival. He had just moved back in at the beginning of our story, and we learn that he has no electricity. We start with lanterns in there and then Sookie arranges for him to get an electrician. Now we have electricity and beautiful light fixtures in there, but not much else has changed yet.

Q:  There is an incredible amount of detail that goes into the décor. Do you have a check list of things to go over?
Suzuki: No, every space is different. I work with the decorator to try and create a feel and look for every character. It is fun to try and incorporate details that may not be obvious to the audience, but help the actors get into character. My art director found a door knob online that has a dog’s head on it, and we incorporated it into Sam’s office.

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What a great insight of the work of a production designer. I’m really enjoed this interview and I’m impressed how great Suzuki Ingerslev’s work is. What do you think – is she doing well with her decisions for ‘True Blood’?