Intertwined by Gena Showalter
Chapter 7
Written by Katlyn
Eduited by Krystal

The souls had finally seen Mary Ann and they couldn’t shut up about it as Aden was quickly getting used to his four legs. The wolf’s voice joined in telling Aden to get out as he made his way to the ranch. Aden was enjoying the new scents and sights that the wolf’s body offered when he finally got home and had to make a decision. The wolf would harm him the minute he left its body, so Aden bit down hard on its leg and gouged out the flesh. Using the last of his strength, Aden exited the wolf and apologized before running off to find bandages.

Sneaking into his room, Aden stuffed several bandages in his bag and made his way out to the main house to check in with Dan. Dan congratulated Aden on his exams and asked if he’d seen Shannon, who hadn’t arrived home yet. He tried to head off, but Dan wasn’t done. He inquired about Mary Ann, but didn’t press for details before noticing that Aden wasn’t very talkative and left him to his chores.

When Aden got to the woods, the wolf was gone, but Shannon had finally arrived home, bleeding and claiming that he was jumped after school. He noticed that there were too many coincidences between Shannon and the wolf, including their penetrating green eyes, and when he tried to question Shannon about it but he was ignored.

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Memorable Quotes:

Wolf: How did you do that? the wolf snarled, his voice joining the clamor of the others. Get out of my head! Out of my body! (Page 114)

Aden: Again, the wolf’s threats – promises – blended with that of his still-chattering companions. Caleb was apologizing for flinging him inside the body, Eve was asking about Mary Ann, concerned for her, and Julian and Elijah were begging him to be careful. (Page 116)

Wolf: You can’t stay in here forever. The wolf snarled, and Aden couldn’t stop the sound from emerging. Can you? Can you! (Page 116)

Eve: How could Dan betray that woman? Eve asked on a disgusted sigh. She’s a treasure. (Page 119)

Aden: Aden frowned. Shannon had green eyes; the wolf had green eyes. Shannon was hurt; the wolf has been hurt. Shannon was here now; the wolf was gone. Had he really been jumped or was that a lie to cover something else? An ability most people wouldn’t understand? Shannon hadn’t limped, though, and that leg wound wouldn’t have had time to heal. Would it? (Page 121)

Victoria: “A week ago, you somehow overwhelmed my people with energy. Energy that was so strong, it left us writhing in pain for hours. Energy that latched onto us and tugged us to you as if we were tethered with a rope.”
Aden: “I don’t understand. Energy? Sent by me?” A week ago, the only thing he’d done was kill a few corpses and meet Mary Ann. (Page 128)

Victoria: “You…fascinate me.” Her cheeks brightened with pink. “That was stupid of me to say. Pretend I said something else.”
Aden: “I can’t,” he said. Nor did he want to. “You fascinate me, too. I’ve thought about you since the moment I first saw you.” (Page 130)

Questions for discussion:

If Shannon isn’t the werewolf, then who jumped him and why didn’t he tell Dan the truth?

What do you think the energy is that attracted Victoria’s people to Aden?

What do you make of Elijah’s vision? Do you think it will come true? And who is going to kill Aden?

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