Intertwined by Gena Showalter
Chapter 4
Written by Krystal

Aden spent the next six days in and out of consciousness fighting the sickness with Mary Ann on his mind. He’d even thought he saw visions of her, but instead of sun kissed and hazel eyes she was pale with bright blue eyes. Maybe his visions had never been of Mary Ann, after all, despite his visions he’d never remembered the facial features of his dreamy brunette until this week. The mysterious brunette urged him to sleep despite the questions she had for him. Unlike his time with Mary Ann, Aden didn’t want to run away from this girl, he wanted to kiss her as he’d seen in his vision.

Finally the fever broke and Aden lumbered out of bed, memories of Dan’s concern returning to him. Today Dan was going to take him and Shannon shopping for school and Aden was ecstatic that his plan had worked. Shannon peeked in Aden’s room and announced that they would be leaving soon. He made his way outside, not without altercation from Ozzie, and scanned for Dan’s truck. His jaw dropped at the sight of his mysterious brunette and he knew that she was definitely not Mary Ann. Behind her was a tall boy who looked as if he could kill Aden where he stood but he waved, neither reacted.

Dan broke the awkwardness and Aden whooped with excitement as he got in the truck; she was finally here. Elijah agrees that she is indeed the one from the visions, but he has a terrible feeling about them, before Caleb drops in with a horny statement. He hopped in the truck and they headed into the city in silence.

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Memorable Quotes:

Seth: “Talking to yourself again?” Seth said with a laugh. “Why? It’s not like you’re all that stimulating.” (Page 66)

Aden: His gaze snagged on the line of trees beside the main house, zooming in, and his jaw dropped. There, in the shadows, stood the brunette. His brunette. The one from his visions. (Page 67)

Elijah: Elijah sighed. You know that bad feeling I got when you followed that girl last week? Well, I’ve got a worse feeling about these two. But yeah, I know where you’re going with this. She’s the one from the visions.
Caleb: We’ve had visions of her? Where was I? Because day-um. It’s official, Caled said. I’m hot. (Page 69)

Eve: I’m so proud of you. You’re becoming friends already. If she’d had hands, Eve would have been clapping.
Aden: Aden didn’t have the heart to correct her. (Page 73)

Aden: Sometime in the last two days, probably while he’d been out catching up on his chores, someone had sneaked inside his room and written on his shirt before folding it and placing it back in its sack where he’d left it. The words Hello, My Name Is Crazy stared back at him. (Page 74)

Elijah: The kids at Crossroads High will think it’s a joke, Elijah told him. Maybe it will even become the new style. (Page 74)

Questions for discussion:

If the girl from his visions isn’t Mary Ann, who do you think she is? What do you think she meant about summoning her people? Who are her people?

Why do you think Gena bothered to add the old woman in the shopping supercenter? Do you think there is some significance to her character that we may learn later?

Did you notice anything in this chapter that you’d like to discuss with everyone else?

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Intertwined by Gena Showalter
Chapter 5
Written by Krystal

The day had begun like any other for Mary Ann, except thoughts of Aden kept creeping into her brain. Penny had admitted to giving Aden her number, but he had yet to call in over a week. Already he had screwed with her mind, making her sure that Tucker was the best option for a boyfriend; Tucker always made her feel pretty, but he didn’t consume her, the way Aden had. With a sigh she trudged downstairs and greeted her dad in the usual manner before heading off toward school.

The minute she exited her house Mary Ann noticed the ginormously large black wolf lying in the shade. She tried to back away and go back inside, but the best jumped between her and the door. Again she backed away, but this time she tripped over her backpack and landed on the ground. The wolf hopped on her, paws digging her shoulders into the ground. After some sniffing, the animal let her up and motioned for her to leave. She dragged her backpack to safety and grabbed her cell. The beast shook its head; there’s no way t could know what she was doing. Before she could push the last 1 in 911, the beast jumped and snagged the phone from her hand. Whatever the wolf wanted, it meant her no harm and as he lead the way, Mary Ann followed.

Somehow the wolf knew the way to her school and when Crossroads High finally came into view she breathed a sigh of relief. When Tucker’s truck sped by the wolf dropped her phone and backed away. When he was far enough away Mary Ann grabbed the phone and darted for Tucker’s truck door.

Tucker was surprised by May Ann’s sudden urge to join him in the truck, but when she became lost in thought about how strange it was that Tucker had ever asked her out, he made a joke. They emerged and Mary Ann immediately searched the trees for the wolf; he was nowhere to be found. Tucker pulled her along toward his crew, who like always ignored her, and talked about the new kids.

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Memorable Quotes:

Mary Ann: When he smiled like that his entire face lit up and she could see why her friends crushed on him. (Page 78)

Mary Ann: For many years, Mary Ann had resented him for the possibility. Her sweet mother hadn’t worked, had stayed home and taken care of Mary Ann, the house and all the chores. But when she had died, his utter despondency convinced May Ann of his innocence. Plus, he’s been alone now for several years. He hadn’t gone on a single date. Hadn’t even glanced at another woman. (Page 79)

Mr. Gray: “I know,” he said softly. “I’m glad. She was an amazing woman who turned this house into a home.” (Page 80)

Mr. Gray: Sighing, he checked his watch. “You’d better get going. A tardy will ruin your perfect record.”
Mary Ann: Classic Dr. Gray. When he wasn’t getting the results he wanted, he sent her away so that he could strategize and resume the argument later with a new plan of attack.
Mary Ann stood. “Love you, Dad. I look forward to winning round two when you get home.” She gathered her backpack and, with a wave, strolled to the front door.
Mr. Gray: He chuckled. “I don’t deserve you, you know?”
Mary Ann: “I know.” (Page 82)

Mary Ann: Mary Ann lost the threads of her own humiliation. No wonder he’d sent her away. He didn’t like conversing with people. It embarrassed him. (Page 91-92)

Questions for discussion:

Do you think that the wolf could indeed be Shannon? If not, who?

What do you think about the way Tucker and his crew treated Shannon?

Is there anything else in this chapter you’d like to discuss with everyone else?

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