True Blood
Season 6, Episode 7
Episode Title: In the Evening 

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Sookie wakes up in Warlow’s arms in the fairy dimension.  He thinks that it means that Sookie will agree to marry him which she promptly corrects him on.  She then hears Arlene crying at the cemetery.  She leaves Warlow to go to Arlene promising to come back as soon as she can. 

sookie-arlene-true-blood-in-the-eveningSookie goes to comfort Arlene.  Andy, Lafayette, Holly, and Sookie stay at the house trying to help her.  Arlene goes off on Lafayette over the call about the safe deposit box.  Sookie and Lafayette go to see what’s in the box to find a life insurance policy that was taken out 3 days ago.

Eric tells Willa to go back into general population and to warn Jessica, Pam, and Tara not to drink the True Blood.  He then escapes with Nora underneath a True Blood delivery truck.  Eric takes Nora to Bill promising to do anything if Bill will heal her.  Bill reluctantly feeds her his blood, but it doesn’t work.  Bill tells Eric about his vision about the vampires they know (including Eric) meeting the sun in the white circular room and how Warlow’s blood could save them.  Eric thinks Warlow can save Nora and gets Bill to go find him.

Bill shows up at the Bellefleur house and gives condolences to a drunk Arlene and to Andy as well.  They are all floored to see Bill walking in the daytime.  Bill then asks to have a word with Sookie.  He tells her that all her friends will die without Warlow’s blood and demands she bring Warlow to him immediately or the blood will be on both their hands.

Bill comes home to find Nora died in a sobbing Eric’s arms.  And, the show definitely upped the gore factor on that one!

eric-nora-True-Blood-6x07-In-The-EveningAlcide’s dad tries to convince him to leave the pack, but he refuses.  Alcide then goes back to the pack and tells them that Sam and Nicole are dead.  Rickie calls him out on his lies and has a packmate bring out a bound and gagged Sam and Nicole.  The pack starts surrounding him snarling and growling.

Sarah tells Jason the governor is dead and has fellow guards slash his wrist and throw him into the female vampire population.

This was a pretty good episode.  We see a lot of range in Alexander Skarsgard’s portrayal of Eric tonight from his take charge escape from camp, to the flashbacks, and then of course his emotional stay at Nora’s deathbed.  I’m anxious to see how he will get his vengeance over Nora’s death.  I’m also happy to see Alcide’s pack turn on him as I’m hopeful that he will go back to the loveable wolf he was before this season.  Also Pam was cracking up with the shrink!