4 star


In Hot Water

Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery, Book #3

By J.J. Cook

ISBN# 9780425252628

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in-hot-waterIn Hot Water
picks up exactly where the previous installment in the series, Playing with Fire left off.  Bob Floyd, scared after Stella threatened to send Eric’s ghost after him, has purchased the land Eric’s cabin is on and has brought a demolition crew to destroy it and Eric’s ghost once and for all!  With the help from some of her friends and a bulldozer that suddenly stops at the cabin’s steps, she is able to hold Bob off.  But he makes it clear that she hasn’t seen the last of him.  Now Stella must find a way to save Eric’s cabin as she isn’t sure if he can exist without it since he’s currently bound to it.

But after the much belated memorial service the town has for Eric, they discover another way for Eric to be able to leave the cabin.

“When the salute had finished, people applauded, and the cold group began to break up.

“That’s enough noise to wake the dead,” a voice said very near Stella’s ear.”

But will Eric be able to leave once the cabin is gone?

Then, Barney Falk’s place catches on fire, with him inside.  Sadly, he doesn’t survive.  Stella heard a small explosion during the fire and suspects foul play.  Barney was a former state representative forcing the town to call in an arson investigator to work with Stella to get to the bottom of it.  But when both Stella and the investigator are threatened, the investigator signs off that the fire was not the result of foul play.  Now it’s up to Stella to find out what’s going on, after most of the evidence has been destroyed!

I’m not a huge cozy mystery fan at all, but I absolutely love this series!  The books flow nicely and I adore Eric!!  His jealousy is so cute and a lot of fun to read his reactions to things!  This book actually focuses a lot on Stella’s relationships with people … men in particular, which Eric always has something to say about!

“I don’t need to be dead to see something like that. Besides, I know you pretty well by now. You better slow down before you run out of eligible men. This is a small town.”

The mystery does seem to take a backseat in this book.  Eric is definitely the prime focus… and since I love him, I was completely happy with that.  There is a lot of changes for him … namely him being able to leave the cabin, so it’s expected it would take the focus of this story with it!

And, that ending!!  I can’t wait for the next book!  Although I do have my suspects for who took the badge…

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