3 Star rating
In His Sights
Sugarland Blue, Book #3
By Jo Davis
ISBN#  9780451467928
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

in-his-singts-sugarland-blue-jo-davisDr. Robyn Lassiter had her heart broken when her depressed husband committed suicide and left her and their daughter, Maddy, to fend for themselves.  She was left with nothing, but a mountain of debt.  She moved to Sugarland, Tennessee to start over.  She has a job at the local hospital as one of the ER doctors and has made friends.  But the one thing she hasn’t done is trust her heart to another man.  But all of that is about to change when police detective Chris Ford enters her life.

Chris didn’t have a good childhood and he hopes to one day have a family where he can show his wife and kids the wonderful things he never experienced as a child.  But the right girl has never come along, but a warm body to share his bed with is never far away.  He looks at the great relationships of those around him, and can’t help, but feel a bit jealous.  When will it finally be his turn at a life of happiness and love?

There have been a rash of burglaries that Chris and his partner, Tonio, have been investigating.  The strange thing is … nothing has been taken!  Things are just moved slightly out of place, but nothing more.  It’s up to Tonio and Chris to find out exactly what this burglar is after!

Chris is on the mend after wrecking a car while on a police chase.  But something is still plaguing him.  He seems to be getting weaker and weaker.  He’s starting to wonder if he will ever recover.  And once he meets Robyn he discovers that there are several suspicious deaths coming into the ER.  They appear to be heart attacks, but now Robyn isn’t so sure.  And the scariest thing of all??  These people are coming in with the same symptoms that Chris is experiencing!!  It’s a race against the clock to figure out exactly what’s going on and reverse the damage before it’s too late for Chris!

This is the first Sugarland Blue novel that I have read.  I was easily able to pick up the storyline at book 3 as this novel reads well as a stand-alone.  I was pulled in rather quickly and really enjoyed ‘watching’ the relationship between Chris and Robyn (and Maddy) develop.  Although at times it seemed a little too perfect and unrealistic.  For example, what are the odds of her loving ‘American muscle cars’ just as much as him?  But those moments weren’t enough to ruin my enjoyment of the book.

Chris was a good guy, a bit too perfect at times, and I really enjoyed my peek into his life.  Robyn and he were a good fit and definitely had some steamy chemistry going on!

The ending of this book was chock full of excitement, although it was easily predictable, I still enjoyed it greatly.  This was a decent story and I look forward to continuing this series in the future.

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