Imitation in Death
In Death, Book #17
By J.D. Robb
ISBN# 9780749906832
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*Beware of SPOILERS*

Imitation in Death is the 17th book in Nora Roberts’ popular In Death series  written under her pen name, J.D. Robb.

It is still the summer of 2059 and Eve has got herself a case.  With each murder, this killer is imitating another famous killer.  Jack the Ripper, Al DeSalvo, and Ted Bundy just for starters.  If the murders are completely different, how does Eve know that they’re all being done by the same perpetrator?  Because he leaves a note at the scene addressed to her.  And all of Eve’s suspects are high profile people, which make snooping around to find the real killer extra difficult.

I thought the premise of this installment of the In Death series was interesting and I can’t help, but be a little interested when we start delving into some of the sickest serial killers that ever lived and see just how they operated.

It was nice to see Peabody finally get promoted and a nice end of the book to see her become Eve’s partner even though I saw it coming a mile away, sometimes even the predictable parts of books can be fun.

There were some sweet moments between Eve and Roarke as usual, but it was pretty much like all the others as there was nothing that really stood out about it.

The book had everything you would expect in a great book, a great storyline, relatable characters, and a little romance.  But for some reason it lost something in the execution for me as I thought this is another one of these books that was just OK….maybe I’m reading to many of them so close together?  Who knows?  Rest assured though that I will continue to read through this rather lengthy series though as I do enjoy the series.  And I’m hoping Roberts amps up the romance with Peabody and McNab now that they’re moving in together.