Wings, Book #3
By Aprilynne Pike
ISBN# 9780061668098
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Brought to you by guest reviewer Jennifer Jensen

*Beware of  Spoilers*

At the conclusion of Spells, Laurel has chosen between her human boyfriend David and her fairie could-be boyfriend, Tamani. She thinks it is for the best that she and Tamani don’t speak again for the sake of her relationship with David. At the beginning of Illusions, Tamani inserts himself back into Laurel’s life, attending her school and masquerading as a human teenage boy to guard over Laurel.

Laurel once again becomes confused over her feelings between David and Tamani, and David’s jealousy of Tamani eventually drives Laurel to break up with David. While Laurel is free of David, she gives in to her passion for Tamani, and wonders what being with him could be like. Meanwhile, a new foreign exchange student has caught Laurel’s and Tamani’s interest. They are certain that she’s a fairie, just like Laurel, who has been raised by human parents. Laurel is unable to get close to Yuki, so Tamani must befriend and faux romance her to find out the secrets that she is hiding. Laurel makes an important discovery about their new friend, just a little too late.
I was tentative about even beginning Aprilynne Pike’s series, mostly because there was an author blurb from Stephenie Meyer, whose books I unfortunately did not care for. Once I started reading Wings, I was really interested in Pike’s take on fairies because no other fairie author had come up with anything quite like she has. I absolutely love the mythology tidbits that Pike includes in her novels, especially when she has gone into their history and tells stories of how fairies were involved with Camelot and other civilizations.  However, it’s Laurel’s personality and the one dimensional characters that completely ruin these books for me.
I was happy to make it past 100 pages without being super annoyed with Laurel and how she treats David and Tamani, and even Chelsea. I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone who has read these books who Laurel really wants to be with–and it’s not David. David doesn’t really have any depth to him; he’s a nice guy, who is smart and attractive, but that is about it. Those characteristics are not enough to attach me to a literary character. Tamani is fleshed out a bit more because of his interesting fairie qualities, but he can also get just as annoying as Laurel. Finally the moment came that I was waiting for–when David and Tamani would break out into the inevitable fight over Laurel.
I can’t say this enough–I don’t like Laurel. She says one thing and I really want to believe her, but then her actions go against what she’s just said. Laurel claims that she doesn’t want to string anyone along, but she breaks up with David–and rightly so–because of how he is acting. But then she immediately falls into Tamani’s arms and shares passionate lip locking with him. I lost any like I had for her after she decided to manipulate David into being her date for a dance, but only after her best friend confessed feelings for David to her. Laurel needs to make a choice once and for all; she broke up with David, then made out with Tamani, then decided she couldn’t stand the idea of anyone else with David, so she leads him on some more. Laurel doesn’t deserve a boyfriend, or a best friend who is as loyal as Chelsea.
Other than relationship drama, little else happens in this 375 page teen read. There are a few troll scenes, but most of the good action happens in the background. There is the Yuki story line, but who or what she is takes a back seat to the fact that she’s really just an attractive wedge between Tamani and Laurel.
The final book in the series, Destined, was released in May 2012.