If You Were Mine

After We Fall, Book #3

By Melanie Harlow

Author’s Website:  https://www.melanieharlow.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Claire is in need of a date so she can avoid sitting at the dreaded single’s table at her co-worker’s wedding.  She’s so desperate that she even told the bride about her new fake boyfriend!  Now she needs to find someone to bring … someone that matches the description she gave of her fake beau. 

With no other options, Claire hires a date from an online website.  However, she never expected Theo!  Not only does he look nothing like his profile picture, but he has a knack for calling her out on all her shortcomings. Still he’s sexier than expected, and he makes her want to live dangerously and step out of her comfort zone. 

“Twenty bucks says that’s the singles table.” She nodded toward a table of awkward, miserable-looking people.

No one was talking, and everyone was staring at their phones, save the one guy who was making some sort of swan out of his napkin. “Wow,” I said. “I should have charged you more.”

Their unexpected attraction leads to some extracurricular activities once they leave the wedding!  The two have amazing chemistry and the sex is out of this world amazing!  One night isn’t enough for either of them!

Unfortunately, Claire is unaware of the baggage that Theo carries with him.  He doesn’t feel she’d want to be with him if she knew the truth.  So, he does what he always does, sabotages himself!  Is Claire the one woman he is finally able to stay and fight for?  Or will Theo’s insecurities get the best of him and leave them both broken-hearted?

I enjoyed this story.  Theo is charismatic and playful and a bad boy to boot!  And, I absolutely loved how he interacted with his nieces! Too sweet … yet he thinks he would be a bad father.  Yeah, right! He had a rough life that has left him feeling unloved and lonely.  And, honestly he’s scared to be happy.  He’s afraid to try to hold on to something and end up losing it anyway.

Claire has her own issues and insecurities.  Ones that Theo has no problem pointing out and later helping her work through them, whether he realizes it or not.  Although I think, she’s a little too forgiving at times in this book.  I’d like to see her make Theo work a little harder for her forgiveness, in the end.  And, I will never understand the mentality some men have in these books… hurt someone before they can have the opportunity to hurt them.  They only end up shooting themselves in the foot!

“Claire had this strange effect on me—she made me want to fuck her and protect her from guys like me at the same time. She made me want to break my rules. She made me wish I was someone else…someone worthy.”

This isn’t an earth-shattering read, but it’s still fun.  It was a nice mix of steam, humor, and heartache. The ending was sweet and gives you the warm and fuzzies!  I recently discovered this author and I’m enjoying my foray into her stories!  This is the first book I’ve read from this series, but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.  If you’re looking for a nice way to pass the time, this book may be a good option for you!