During the Television Critics Association Press Tour, show star Paul Wesley talked about the empowerment of playing a vampire.

Q: You play a character who is very old, and yet appears to be a teenager. What are the difficulties in doing that?

Paul: That was what was so appealing about this role. I was reading so many pilot scripts. And, with a vampire who is born in the 1860’s, and then has to mask himself as a high schooler, there was nothing else like that. I was so obsessed with this character. I love this character so much. It’s so challenging for me to do this. Nina, and all the people on the show, are about the same age, and we all are friends. When I’m on set, it’s hard for me to get into this place where I’m like, “Wait, I’m their grandfather?” But, I’m pretending. It’s really challenging!


I very much enjoyed this interview. Even though I have not read the books. Paul Wesley makes the series sound super cool! I might just have to watch it now. To me it seems like he really loves this character, which is good to hear!

What are your thoughts on Paul Wesley? Will he portray Stefan well?