There is a ton of news today on the heels of last night’s Sneak Peek, so here we go!

Gary Ross says there is much more to come for ‘The Hunger Games’ footage via Examiner

Though some fans felt disappointed by Sunday night’s reveal of The Hunger Games teaser-trailer, director Gary Ross is promising that there is much more to come.

“We’re still shooting, so unfortunately it’s just a teaser. We could only give you a little bit because we’re still down here making the movie,” he told MTV. “But there’s a lot of things to come that I think are going to be hugely epic and very emotional and incredibly powerful.”

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Download Rue’s 4-note tune from ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser-trailer for free via Examiner

Attentive fans of The Hunger Games caught on to a very special piece of audio at the end of the official teaser-trailer unveiled Sunday night during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. It’s a short, four-note tune that plays over the final moments of the teaser-trailer — the four-note tune whistled by Rue in The Hunger Games.

In the book (and presumably in the movie, as well), Rue teaches the tune to Katniss to use as a warning call when they team up in the Hunger Games arena.

Now, the four-note tune is available as a free download on iTunes — essentially confirming that the four notes at the end of the teaser-trailer are, in fact, Rue’s whistle.

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Lionsgate launches mysterious site for ‘The Hunger Games’ via Hypable

Hot on the heels of The Hunger Games teaser trailer, Lionsgate has launched (“pn” for Panem!) which teases what may be an interesting promotional site to come.

Upon visiting you are asked to “Identify Yourself” by connecting the site to your Twitter account. You can then Tweet a specific message, but the site at this time offers nothing else.

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The Hunger Games Facebook game rumored to return this September via

Part one of a trilogy, this film is an adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ young adult book series, which had remained on the NY Times bestselling list for over 130 consecutive weeks, been translated into 26 languages, and sold in 38 countries. So it’s no surprise that it’s got a Facebook game too, called The Hunger Games: Training Days. Moreover, the Facebook game is actually an adaptation of the official tabletop board game by the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA).

Developed by Icarus Studios, The Hunger Games: Training Days arrived on Facebook last August as a card-based strategy game that came with a ticket system promising “cool real world gear”, such as “the Limited-Edition Super-Exclusive ‘Down with the Capitol!’ Journal”. Unfortunately, the game didn’t last two months before it had to be taken down.

But there’s hope for fans. Recently, a rumor on the Facebook game’s official fan page claims the game will return in September…

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Liam Hemsworth Talks Hunger Games and…His Man Crush? via E! online

[Hemsworth] is talking Hunger Games and why he’s more like his character Gale Hawthorne than you might think…

“He is extremely passionate about standing up for what he believes in, which has always been a strong part of my life,” the 21-year-old tells V Man magazine’s Archetype Issue (out Sept. 1).

“Because of the consequences of standing up to an evil government, he has to bite his lip and live with it,” he said. “I’ve definitely had times in my life where I’ve had to hold back what I really want to say or do.”

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I really liked the preview last night, it seems like they’re doing a good job. The Capital website has been getting clearer all day. I’m dying to know what it is!

Will you download Rue’s Notes? What do you think of the Capital website?