Chapter 15 – 16 – By Chris







The Tree

The Stream

Career’s Campsite

Memorable Quotes:

1. “I wonder what Gale made of the incident for a moment and then I push the whole thing out of my mind because for some reason Gale and Peeta do not coexist well together in my thoughts.” – Katniss page 197
2. “But I want here. Because she’s a survivor and I trust here, and why not admit it? She reminds me of Prim.” – Katniss page 201
3. “Oh – I didn’t think that was an act.” – Rue page 206
4. “When we find her, I kill her in my own way, and no one interferes.” –Cato page 217

Questions for consideration:

1. What are some of the reasons Katniss decided to trust Rue?
2. If you had to be in a situation like the Games, would you ally with someone? If so, would it be people like the Careers or someone like Rue?
3. For someone so brilliant, why can Katniss be so naïve when it comes to Peeta?
4. Why would Rue’s district be so different from Katniss’s? What does this say about District 12?
5. At this point in the story, what do you think the chances are of Katniss or Rue surviving? Are they better now than a few chapters ago?

Chapter 15

Katniss wrestles with hallucinating for quite some time. She finally comes too, the venom out of her system and has no clue how long she has been out of it. She is very weak, and finds herself lying in a small ditch with many leaves. Nothing like her dreams and thoughts made her believe. She remembers that Peeta saved her life, and she can’t fathom why he did so, what kind of angle he is working for the audience. Katniss is elated to know that she made out with her weapon of choice, a bow and arrows.

Katniss sets off to hunt for food and water. She kills a meager rabbit and finds a small stream to wash up and stock up on water. After she is finished, Katniss continues up steam and finds a nice spot to cook the wild bird she killed. Katniss notices that Rue has been following her like a shadow, and she sparks up an alliance with the small girl. The both have something to give one another, Rue has the leaves that will treat the jacker stings, and Katniss has ointment to heal her burns…Haymitch won’t be happy, but Katniss trusts the young girl from District 11 and she reminds her of Prim.

They both exchange food items, and show each other their stock piles of items. Rue talks about her district and their rules…and Katniss realizes that in her district things are so bad. Katniss opens up to Rue about how she thinks Peeta saved her life, and maybe just for show. She doesn’t like being in his debt again, but what can she do. After Rue tells her about the supplies the careers have, Katniss realizes they must play offensively now…they must cut off their supplies.

Chapter 16

Katniss and Rue share a sleeping bag, and are comforted by one another, until the booming cannon goes off. Another person had died, and in the back of her mind Katniss thinks of Peeta. They decide to pack up and get moving, Katniss explains her plans to Rue about taking out the careers supplies and giving them a real shot at winning the Games. They spend the day coming up with a plan to attack the careers, and Katniss learns even more about her little friend. Before Katniss leaves, Rue teaches her the tune she uses at home, a tune that the MockingJays can carry, it’s a signal to Katniss that she is alright. Katniss travels the distance to the open field where the Careers have made up their camp….with all their supplies out in the open. Katniss knows that there is something fishy about all the supplies left in the open and being only guarded by one boy, the kid from District 3. She observes the camp, trying to figure out how to take down the source of power to the Careers.