Chapter 10: by Chris







Games Arena

Memorable Quotes:

1. “He made you look desirable! – you were about as romantic as dirt until he said he wanted you. – Haymitch page 135

2. “I wouldn’t be surprised if I finally get promoted to a decent district next year.” – Effie page 138

3. “…to show the Capitol they don’t own me. That I’m ore than just a piece in their Games.” –Peeta page 142
4. “Ladies and gentlemen, let the 74th Hunger Games begin!” – Claudius Templesmith page 147

Questions for consideration:

1. What did you think of Katniss’s reaction to Peeta’s confession? How did that affect Peeta, and do believe Katniss to be completely clueless at this point?
2. With the way the crowd and all of the Panem ate up the story of these lovers, does that tell you about their nature? How much they enjoy entertainment, how they perceive all this is as an exciting story – instead of real life?
3. What do you think of Haymitch at this point? Do you trust him, do you think he could steer them in the right direction even if he is drunk all the time?
4. What do you make of Peeta’s omission, how he wants to die himself, and give nothing to the Capitol? How come Katniss doesn’t see his point of view at this time?

Katniss is utterly embarrassed by Peeta’s confession in front of all Panem. She can’t even look at him as he continues explaining his feelings to Caesar. Back up on the 12th floor, Katniss becomes angry because she believes that Haymitch and Peeta did this on purpose, to make her look weak. She is furious with the both of them, because she knows that she failed at the interview already and now Peeta made her look like some weakling he has fallen in love with. She shoves Peeta down in her anger, and luckily for him the crew shows up and breaks up a soon to be brawl. Haymitch explains that this wasn’t a negative towards Katniss, but a positive. The crowd and all of Panem now find her irresistible, find her lovable and beautiful. Everyone wants what they can’t have, and they want to know why the charming young man who blew away the competition during his interview would be in love with the girl on fire. Peeta’s confession set them apart, set them on fire, for now all of Panem is talking about the star-crossed lovers.

After Katniss realizes that she has an edge now, something to remember her by, she calms down. This is the night before the games begin, and true to Haymitch character he gives nothing but dull advice…run away as fast as you can when the horn blows, find water, and stay alive. Very useful indeed, Katniss finds herself tossing and turning with anxiety about the next day. She escapes to the roof to get some fresh air, and finds Peeta. They make small talk about the games and then Peeta reveals that he will not make it through the games, but he will die fighting against the capitol and not become what they want him too. He believes Katniss will make it home just like she wants, he asks her to give his mother his best…

The night is endless fights to sleep, Katniss awakes and doesn’t see Peeta at all. Cinna gives her outfit for the games, and she is implanted with a tracking device. She eats breakfast nervously with Cinna, he gives her the mockingjay pendent to wear on her uniform. She is worried and frightened to say the least but Cinna finds a way to show her some encouragement; he lets her know that if he could bet on a winner, that all his money is in on her. Katniss is walked to the platform which is her cylinder, the tube that will take her to the games, and quite possibly her death…and so the games begin!

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