Jason Hughes from wraps up season one of Being Human:

It’s almost impossible to fathom a six-episode run being a full season of a series, but in the case of Being Human, it is. Granted, it’s a show that came from the UK, where shorter seasons are the norm. And yet, in only six episodes we got so much character and world development, it’s amazing the installments didn’t feel rushed.

In those episodes, we learned a little bit about the world of ghosts, explored werewolves and uncovered a lot about the secret society of vampires plotting a mass conversion of humanity into their undead world. We also had time to become intimately familiar with our three main characters.

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I caught a few minutes of a couple of episodes but the hype about Being Human has been huge. I think I just might have to find a way to watch all 6 so I am caught up for next season.

Did you catch all the episodes in this season? Do you feel it was a strong firstseason?